Composer Michael Nyman to Inaugurate ‘Box’ Venue in Seville


Box, the new space for the arts in Seville (Spain) will open with Avantclass, an innovative series that will feature the most important representatives of the minimalist classical music genre: Michael Nyman, Win Mertens and Sarah Neufeld, a member of the famous indie band Arcade Fire.

Renowned British composer Michael Nyman will perform on Friday, May 6, opening the international programming of Box, which is located in the former IMAX auditorium of the Canadian Pavilion of Expo 92 and rehabilitated as a new performing arts space in Seville.

Canadian musician Sarah Neufeld, a member of the famous indie band Arcade Fire, will perform on Wednesday 11 May. Acclaimed Belgian musician and composer Wim Mertens will close the programming of Avantclass on Friday, June 3rd.

In addition to music, Box will accommodate other performing arts, new technologies, film and other artistic disciplines.

Friday, May 6
Michael Nyman
Doors open 20:00
Concert 21:00

Wednesday, May 11
Sarah Neufeld
Doors open 20:00
Concert 21:00

Friday, June 3
Wim Mertens
Doors open 20:00
Concert 21:00

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Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye Release “Live In Japan”

Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye - “Live In Japan”
Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye – “Live In Japan

Multi-instrumentalist Billy Sherwood, the current bass player in the rock band Yes and former Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye have released “Live In Japan”. The set includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD.

Tony Kaye was an original founder member of Yes and re-joined the band for the extremely successful 90125 post-progressive rock era that produced the AOR hit Owner of a Lonely Heart. “Live in Japan” includes the duo playing songs from their careers including various Yes hits.

“Really looking forward to the release of our CD/DVD!” says Billy Sherwood. “It was very special for us to go to Japan and play these songs. We’re both very excited to now be able to share the experience with everyone!”

The DVD is NTSC Region 0 – playable worldwide and has the same track list as the CDs, plus behind the scenes tour videoclips.

Disc One
1. Confess
2. Together We Are
3. Cut the Ties
4. Time and a Word
5. I Could
6. Red Light Ahead
7. Fireworks
8. Your Move
9. Owner of a Lonely Heart

Disc Two

1. I Am Waiting
2. Tony Kaye Solo
3. The Other Side
4. Wondrous Stories
5. Man Over Bored
6. The More We Live
7. No Way We Can Lose
8. Say Goodbye
9. Roundabout

Spanish Cosmic Style Painter Tomás C. Gilsanz Dies

Tomás Gilsanz
Tomás Gilsanz


Tomás C. Gilsanz, a Spanish painter specialized in dreamlike paintings passed away April 18, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. Gilsanz was also well-known for his 30-year collaboration with Spanish ambient and melodic electronic music act Neuronium.


Nacimiento (birth) painting by Tomás C. Gilsanz
Nacimiento (birth) painting by Tomás C. Gilsanz


Tomás Corral Gilsanz was born in Paris of Spanish parents. He moved to Spain at a young age, where he worked in the embossing business until he turned 40. He became a painter afterwards, exhibiting his work during the 1970s in Spain as well as the USA, Italy, France and Andorra.

He was known as the “Pintor Cósmico” (the cosmic painter) because many of his paintings were inspired by his dreams and visions. His artwork was used for science fiction book covers, record album artwork and magazines dedicated to paranormal topics.


From left to right: Tomás Gilsanz, Klaus Schulze and Michel Huygen
From left to right: Tomás Gilsanz, Klaus Schulze and Michel Huygen


Electronic music composer and musician Michel Huygen, leader of Neuronium, collaborated with Gilsanz for over 30 years. Gilsanz designed many album covers and the visual elements of Neuronium’s live shows and videos.


Italian Ethno Prog

Reverie - Gnos Furlanis - Il timp dal sium (DownBridge, 2016)
Reverie – Gnos Furlanis – Il timp dal sium (DownBridge, 2016)

Northern Italian band Reverie performs alluring music that crosses the boundaries of progressive rock and world music. On its new album On Gnos Furlanis – Il timp dal sium (Friulian Nights, the Dreamtime) Reverie uses a combination of acoustic European and Aboriginal Australian musical instruments and progressive rock instrumentation.

At times, Reverie sounds like a beautiful melodic Italian progressive rock band with the use of classically-influenced keyboards, guitars and flutes. But then they venture into Italian folk music traditions, Medieval sounds, and global music elements featuring clarinet, drums and didjeridoo.

The lineup includes Fanny Fortunati on lead vocals and percussion; Alberto Sozzi on clarinet,keyboards and didjeridoo; Valerio Vado on guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Daniele Defranchis on guitar. Guest include Lello Narcisi on flute and the Policrome Khoros choir.

Gnos Furlanis – Il timp dal sium showcases the rising talent of Reverie, with a good balance of upbeat global music pieces and progressive rock-oriented material.

A Journey through the World of Distorted Guitar

Ödemarken – Ödemarken 3.0 (Terrorjazz Brewery, 2016)

Swedish trio Ödemarken defies musical boundaries on its second recording titled Ödemarken 3.0. The group plays primarily instrumental music with guitar, bass and drums. However, this is not the power rock that you would expect from such a format. Instead, Ödemarken’s sound is based around a wide-range of distorted guitar, electronic effects and guitar-playing techniques backed by creative bass and drumming.

The musical influences are varied, ranging from blues rock to psychedelia, progressive rock, world music and jazz and even echoes of Frank Zappa. The musicians pour out a rich selection of sounds and combinations that keep the album engaging through the end. The artists define their music as terrorjazz which is the time we’ve heard this term.

The Malmoe-based band includes Thomas Karlsson on drums and percussion; Thomas Augustsson on guitars; and Bartosz Traczykowski on upright bass.




Ödemarken 3.0 is a mind expanding electric guitar voyage by an imaginative progressive music trio from southern Sweden.

Tne digital version of the album is available from

Entrancing Ambient Soundscapes Inspired by Fantasy

Deborah Martin – Eye of The Wizard (Spotted Peccary, 2015)

Although we normally associate ambient music with the cosmos or technology, multi-instrumentalist and composer Deborah Martin takes us into the realm of fantasy. She uses a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments to create mesmerizing creations that open the mind to a rich world of magical creatures.

For this project I was inspired by the magical worlds of alchemy and wizardry,” says Deborah Martin. “Visualizing misty forests filled with magical creatures and realms of otherworldly visions, I wanted to create an album where each piece revealed a deeper mystery as if discovering lost and unknown secrets from long ago.”

The enchanting CD booklet artwork adds to this delightful voyage through musical worlds of mystery that blends expansive electronic atmospheres and melodic electro-acoustic passages.

The lineup includes Deborah Martin on acoustic guitars, dulcimer, synthesizers, loops and percussion; Matthew Stewart in ambient electric guitar, synthesizers, loops and percussion; Paul Frye on e-bow guitar.

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Daniel Lanois to Perform at Moogfest 2016

Multi-faceted artist Daniel Lanois is set to perform at Moogfest 2016. Moogfest 2016 will take place May 19-22, in Durham, North Carolina.

As a disciple of Brian Eno, Lanois worked on classic Eno ambient electronic music albums such as Ambient 4: On Land (1982) and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks (1983). Lanois also collaborated with Eno in producing U2’s The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and All That You Can’t Leave Behind.


Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land
Brian Eno – Ambient 4: On Land


Brian Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks


 U2 - The Joshua Tree

U2 – The Joshua Tree


U2 - Achtung Baby
U2 – Achtung Baby


U2 - All That You Can’t Leave Behind
U2 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind


Lanois has also produced recordings for Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson. Lanois’ songs have been covered by a large number of artists as well.

In 2009, Lanois released Black Dub, the debut album by an eponymous group comprised of Lanois on piano and guitar, Daryl Johnson on bass, Trixie Whitney on vocals, and Brian Blade on Drums.


 Black Dub - Black Dub

Black Dub – Black Dub


Recently Lanois has stepped into a solo career with 2014’s Flesh and Machine that combines all of the diversity of his career work in a new album and live show featuring dubbing, processing, and sampling in real time.


Daniel Lanois - Flesh and Machine
Daniel Lanois – Flesh and Machine



Revolution Loading

BarnuM’S Freak – Revolution Loading (indie release, 2014)

Naples progressive rock band BarnuM’S Freak released this independently-produced debut EP in 2014. Revolution Loading is a concept album about the spiritual growth process of mankind. The album’s title is a symbiosis or revolution and evolution.

Although the first track features fine vocal work by guest Manuela Papa, the majority of the album is instrumental. The band’s sound is characterized by the work of virtuoso keyboardist Sergio Vassetti and guitarist Massimiliano Romano.

BarnuM’S Freak style is deeply influenced by British progressive rock acts like Genesis, IQ, Camel and jazz-rock as well.
The lineup on Revolution Loading includes Sergio Vassetti on keyboards; Salvatore Oroso on drums; Massimiliano Romano on guitars. Guests featured: Alessandro Bagagli on bass and Manuela Papa on vocals.

Revolution Loading is a very promising debut album by a rising talent in the Italian progressive rock scene.

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