Electronica Artist Synth.nl releases Video About Synthesizer Making

Michel van Osenbruggen at his studio
Dutch electronic music artist Synth.nl has released a video that shows the process of making a synthesizer.

This year I built a Wilba SammichFM DIY synthesizer kit,” says Michel van Osenbruggen, the space music artist behind Synth.nl. “It is based on the famous Yamaha OPL3 sound chip that was also used on the famous Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 and SoundBlaster 16 ASP sound cards. It is a 4 voice FM synthesizer that sounds a lot like the famous Yamaha DX series.”

Michel van Osenbruggen filmed the construction of the whole process. “This movie is an excerpt of the 4 hours total build time,” says van Osenbruggen. “I made the 3D animations myself in Cinema 4D. The music you hear in the background is the track ‘Thermosphere’ from my 2008 ‘AtmoSphere‘ album.”

Synth.nl has a new album titled Apollo which is available as a CD or MP3 download.

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