Mysterium Magnum

Cannata - Mysterium Magnum

Mysterium Magnum (Oxford Circus, 2006)

Cannata’s album Mysterium Magnum, released in 2006, came to me because Jeff Cannata’s connection to progressive rock. He was a member of an American progressive rock band called Jasper Wrath in the 1970s. Cannata produces his own recordings at the Oxford Circus Studios in Connecticut.

Despite the promising and attractive artwork, Mysterium Magnum is not a progressive rock album. 90% of the music is a mix of finely executed AOR and melodic hard rock, influenced by bands like Kansas. Music intended for commercial FM radio. The only piece that brings back the progressive rock flame is the longest track on the album: ‘Somewhere Beyond The Sun.’ Here is where Jeff Cannata shows his talent as a musician and composer. ‘Somewhere Beyond The Sun’ has exquisite flute sections and dazzling keyboards.

Mysterium Magnum will appeal to fans of late 1970s Album Oriented Rock (AOR). If you are looking for progressive rock, download ‘Somewhere Beyond The Sun.’


Somewhere Beyond The Sun

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