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IZZ - I Move

I Move (2002)

I Move is the second album by IZZ, one of the most eclectic American progressive rock bands in recent years. IZZ is based in the New York and is led by the versatile Galgano brothers. On I Move, IZZ presents a wide range of musical influences. The first cut, ‘Spinnin’ Round’ features trip hop with hip hop beats and DJ scratching (no rapping) along with soaring guitar. It’s unconventional and they only use it once. It’s a strange opener and very different from what comes later in the album.

The following two songs venture into pop rock and alternative rock, with an occasional guitar solo. Track 4, ‘I Already Know,’ is a delicate gem, with superb slide guitar and vocals that at times sound like Steely Dan. There is excellent guitar and synthesizer work throughout the piece.

Songs 5 and 6 are soft rock efforts with ear catching melodies. Things get more interesting again on track 7, ‘Star Evil Gnoma Su’, a longer composition that features elaborate instrumental passages with counterpoints a la Gentle Giant and King Crimson. The synth and piano work is exquisite.

‘Another Door’ is a ballad with a great guitar solo. It’s followed by two additional soft rock songs with more of the fine keyboard work.

‘Knight of Nights’ is another long serpentine piece. It’s fascinating mix of epic Genesis and ELP-style keyboards with vocals inspired by guitarist Eric Johnson and Peter Gabriel.

Track 12 is a short and sweet Celtic ballad titled ‘The Mists of Dalriada.’ Things get festive with ‘Oh, How it’s Great!’ which has a PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) flavor, with more fine guitar and keyboard work.

The longest piece is track 14, ‘Coming Like Light,’ where IZZ’s musicians show their dazzling virtuosity with superb piano, guitars and synths accompanied by a turbo charged rhythm section that sometimes achieves breakneck speed, similar to what Yes did on Relayer. The album concludes with Light From Your Eyes.

The line-up on the album includes Tom Galgano on- keyboards, lead and backing vocals; Paul Bremner on electric and acoustic guitars; Brian Coralian on electronic and acoustic percussion, drum programming; Greg DiMiceli on acoustic percussion; and John Galgano on bass, acoustic and electric guitar, backing and lead vocals. Guests who participated in the recording are: Laura Meade on vocals; Anmarie Byrnes on vocals; Paige Rigilano provides spoken word; and Abigail Lombino also on spoken word.

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