Trance Mechanics

Secret Saucer - Tri-Angle Waves
Secret Saucer

Tri-Angle Waves (Salad Form Studio SFS003, 2009)

Tri-Angle Waves is the third album by American space rock collective Secret Saucer. Track 1, ‘Night Encounter’ is a totally electronic piece performed by four synthesists, Steve Hayes, Dave Hess, Greg Kozlowski and Dan Schnell. It’s a mesmerizing piece that combines ambient sounds with synthetic night sounds.

On ‘A Sublime Metaphor,’ the musicians begin the jam, with Ted Boburka on drums; Billy Spear on bass, Dan Schnell on synths, Jay Swanson on synths, Paul Williams on synths, and Greg Kozlowski on soaring ebow guitar. It’s a … dreamy laid back piece

Synths and sequencers provide the intro to ‘Protoplasmic Acelerator’ and transition to a harder trance style, with keyboard melodies, throbbing rhythm guitar and Paul Williams’ electric guitar solos a la steve Hillage.

Track 4, ‘Approaching Hunab Ku’ is another all synth spacey piece with three keyboardists, mixing pulsating sequences and floating ambient harmonies.

‘Light Years Away’ has a heavier blues beat with synthesizer and electric mandolin interplay.

The album ends with ‘Mind Mechanics’ with dueling guitars played by Steve Taylor and Greg Kozlowski.
Tri-Angle Waves is a superb album of exploratory space music that incorporates the best of progressive rock, mesmeric ambient electronics and psychedelia.

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