Progressive Rock and Fusion Group BangTower Releases Series of Videos

BangTower bassist Percy Jones
Los Angeles-based progressive rock and fusion act BangTower is releasing several new music videos over the next four weeks in preparation for the upcoming 2012 BangTower tour.

BangTower includes renowned Welsh bassist Percy Jones, who was a member of legendary fusion band Brand X, a group he formed along with Genesis drummer Phil Collins. BangTower also includes Canadian guitarist, engineer and producer Neil Citron. Completing this trio of virtuoso musicians is Los Angeles drum master Walter Garces, who also plays with 1960s psychedelic rock band The Electric Prunes.

Eight of the latest BangTower music videos were made by Marc Rubinstein of the internationally renowned Pig Light Show, as a glance to elements of handpicked upcoming live shows currently being designed. These video releases contain all the tracks from BangTower’s famed 2010 album ‘Casting Shadows‘ on Declassified Records, produced by Neil Citron (who also participated as engineer) and Jon Pomplin. The holiday video ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ features a downloadable song Neil produced for the holiday season which is obtainable at no cost from the BangTower website.

Besides the eight videos from Pig Light show, a new music video of ‘BBA’, produced by Declassified.TV, has been released and is available in several formats. ‘BBA’ is ‘Casting Shadows‘s opening track. The video was shot during the recent tour preparations in Los Angeles with the ensemble’s founding members Neil Citron, Walter Garces and Percy Jones and a guest appearance by Los Angeles session musician Gary Crite on rhythm guitar and keyboards.

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