Invertigo - Veritas

Veritas (Progressive Promotion Records, 2012)

Veritas is the new album by German rock band InVertigo. Although the group describes itself as progressive or art rock and cites bands like Genesis, Yes, Spock’s Beard, Marillion, The Flower Kings and Porcupine Tree as influences, the overall result is much closer to hard rock and AOR than progressive rock.

The progressive rock influences come from neoprog bands such as Pendragon. The band members are all skilled musicians and present some fine instrumental passages and solos on keyboards, guitars and flute. However, practically all the pieces are marked by hard rock and heavy metal riffs.

Band members include Sebastian Brennert on vocals and keyboards, Matthias Hommel on bass, Carsten Dannert on drums, Jacques Moch on guitars, and Michael Kuchenbecker on keyboards. They are based in Germany’s Ruhr region.

Veritas is a dramatic album that will appeal to hard rock and progressive metal fans.

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