Avant-Garde Czech Band DVA Touring the United States

DVA, an avant-garde music band from Brno in the Czech Republic is currently touring the United States. DVA’s members sing in their own language, using guitar, loops, clarinet, saxophone, midi clarinet, megaphone, toys and voice.

Band members are Bara and Jan Kratochvil. In addition to their regular albums, DVA also composes music for theatre, movies, and computer games (Botanicula).

The band’s discography includes the Kapitán demo (2007), the Caligari soundtrack (2007), Fonók (2008), the compilation Kolektt8 (2009), Hu (2010), and the Botanicula soundtrack (2012)

Tour dates:

October 3 – US – New York – SUNY Purchase
October 6 – US – New York – Street festival
October 7 – US – Los Angeles – IndieCade festival

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