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Curved Air – Live Atmosphere
Curved Air

Live Atmosphere (Curved Air Records CRV 001, 2012)

Of all the pioneering progressive rock groups in the UK, Curved Air stood out because it was one of the few acts fronted by a female vocalist. The band also introduced the use of the violin, which was uncommon in a world led by guitarists and keyboardists.

The newly released Live Atmosphere captures Curved Air’s recent live performances. The legendary Sonja Kristina is still the lead vocalist and her seductive voice has held well. Her band mates include another original band member, drummer Florian Pilkington Miksa, and new members Kit Morgan on guitar, Paul Sax on violin, Chris Harris on bass and Robert Norton on keyboards.

This new version of Curved Air plays the band’s classics faithfully, within the context of a live concert, incorporating the basic elements of their sound: rock, blues, folk-rock, fusion and classical music. Although all the songs are conducted by Sonja Kristina, you will find plenty of virtuosic guitar, violin and keyboard solos to satiate your progressive rock thirst.

Live Atmosphere contains some of the band’s most memorable songs, including ‘Marie Antoinette,’ ‘Phantasmagoria,’ ‘Melinda,’ and ‘It Happened Today.’

The album is a two-disc set with an audio disc and a bonus DVD with material from Curved Air’s concert at London’s ‘High Voltage’ Festival.

With Live Atmosphere, celebrated progressive rock band Curved Air delivers an impressive performance.

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