Progressive Rock Band Änglagård Announces Lineup changes

Cover of Änglagård’s latest album, Viljans Öga
Swedish band Änglagård, one of the finest progressive rock acts in the current scene announced lineup changes in its website. The new formation includes Anna Holmgren on flute, saxophone; Johan Brand on bass; Tord Lindman on guitars, vocals; Erik Hammarström (Brighteye Brison) on drums, percussion; and Linus Kåse (Brighteye Brison) on keyboards.

Änglagård released a new critically acclaimed album titled Viljans Öga earlier this year. The recording is available on CD, download and also in black and white vinyl editions.

They band is currently rehearsing old material for possible live dates in 2013. There are also some new ideas floating around.

Erik Hammarström and Linus Kåse come from Brighteye Brison, a Swedish symphonic progressive rock band.

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