Erik Wollo – Airborne
Erik Wollo

Airborne (Projekt PRO00278, 2012)

The music of Norwegian musician Erik Wollo is normally characterized as ambient music. Indeed, he is a leading ambient music performer. However, what distinguishes Wollo’s music from other ambient artists is his gift for developing beautiful meditative melodies along with his atmospheric abilities.

You can identify Wollo’s music easily because of his combination of spacey guitars, keyboard melodies and layers, samplers and percussion. On his 16th album, titled Airborne, Wollo’s develops instrumental pieces that are shorter in length, but rich in content.

Imagine you are sitting on an airplane,” describes Wollo. “The power of the engine moves you forward over the landscape and everything you know passes below. You have the perfect overview; you see your life and your existence more clearly, with a continuous flow of thoughts. The journey becomes more of a travel in psychic time, rather than just taking you from place A to B, using hours and minutes. I explored this sense of an Airborne feeling while working on these tracks. It’s music that is both adventurous and uplifting.”

Airborne presents the highly creative music of Erik Wollo, one of the European masters of electronic ambient music with a melodic edge.

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