Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll

Progressive Rock Central presents its 2012 Reader’s poll for Best Progressive Rock album. This year we have very strong contenders from North America, Europe and the British Isles with a mix of renowned veteran artists and newer acts representing the latest generations of progressive rock.

Please vote quality rather than name recognition. If you think that we have a left out a significant album, send us an email or write a comment.

Multiple choices are allowed.

Final results will be announced December 18th.

Editor’s note: This poll only features progressive rock acts. Sub-genres include: avant-garde, Canterbury, fusion, neo-prog, post-rock, progressive folk, psychedelic, Rock In Opposition (RIO), space rock, symphonic progressive rock, and Zeuhl.

Anathema’s latest album is included because the band has evolved and there is no metal anymore. It’s a highly evolved form of post-rock.

On the other hand, popular band Rush is not included because it is essentially a hard rock band. Rush released a couple of albums, A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres, that could legitimately be considered progressive rock, but the current direction of the band is fundamentally hard rock.

Lastly, check out our Progressive Rock Gift Guide. It includes links to sample and purchase the below albums and many other goodies.

Final Note: this poll is closed. For final results read this article: Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll Results

223 thoughts on “Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll”

  1. Hello, I’d like to tell a fairy tail to people who don’t speack French:
    Ange is a wonderfull band, full of dreams and colors! If you don’t know them, take some time to discover a magic univers!
    Even if you want to learn French, lyrics are really beautifull as the music! You’ll be sure to speak a very good french if you try to translate there songs! The leader, Christian Décamps, is a real poet.
    The last record “MOYEN AGE” (Mediaval Age in English) is one of the best I’d never heared before even if I remember Genesis or King Crimson!
    listen it and enjoy!

  2. ANGE intemporel , ANGE incontournable ……………..Merci de continuer a nous faire rêver après tant et tant d années ………

  3. La route est longue et pleine d’embûches.
    Te voila devant la reconnaissance de ton public.
    Moyen âge, un des meilleurs album des ces 42 ans de carrière.
    Bravo et chapeau bas Ange.

  4. non de dieu
    du Ange et encore du Ange
    Beaucoup d’Ange
    du talent et de la sincérité
    Cocktail de poésies et de notes savoureuses

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