Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll Results

Moyen-âge by Ange
Moyen-âge by Ange
The results of our 2012 Reader’s Poll are in. The winner is veteran French progressive rock band Ange. Recognized as the most influential progressive rock band in France, Ange reached legendary status in the 1970s.

In second place we find Anathema. Although this band has a heavy metal past, its current incarnation goes in a post rock direction with material that certainly fits the progressive rock parameters.

Third place goes to critically acclaimed Swedish band Anglagard.

Answer Votes Percent

Moyen-âge by Ange (France) 2,362 33%
Weather Systems by Anathema (UK) 1,716 24%
Viljans Oga by Anglagard (Sweden) 324 5%
Thick as a Brick 2 by Ian Anderson (UK) 308 4%
Echolyn by Echolyn (USA) 207 3%
Genesis Revisited II by Steve Hackett (UK) 193 3%
Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble by Kotebel (Spain) 191 3%
English Electric Part One by Big Big Train (UK) 187 3%
Banks of Eden by The Flower Kings (Sweden) 174 2%
The First Day by Karcius (Canada) 142 2%
Out of the Beardspace III by Out of the Beardspace (USA) 137 2%
Senna by Mahogany Frog (Canada) 107 1%
Momentum by Neal Morse (USA) 102 1%
The Next World by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius (USA) 75 1%
Perilous by Glass Hammer (USA) 68 1%
The Enid Live with The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (UK) 65 1%
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Chapter One by Hostsonaten (Italy) 65 1%
The World is a Game by Mystery (Canada) 65 1%
Crush of Night by IZZ (USA) 63 1%
Félicité Thösz by Magma (France) 55 1%
Map Of The Past by It Bites (UK) 52 1%
Woodlands by Barrett Elmore (Sweden) 33 0%
Blueprint by Sebastian Hardie (Australia) 31 0%
The Missing Fireflies by Locanda delle Fate (Italy) 29 0%
X by Focus (The Netherlands) 28 0%
Charles Darwin by XII Alfonso (France) 27 0%
Skies Darken by Citizen Cain (UK) 17 0%
La Bella è la Bestia (The Beauty is the Beast by Syndone (Italy) 16 0%
Alt by Van Der Graaf Generator (UK) 15 0%
The Black Chord by Astra (USA) 12 0%
March Of Ghosts by Gazpacho (Norway) 12 0%
Consequences by Peter Hammill (UK) 11 0%
Invicta by The Enid (UK) 10 0%
Underjordisk Tusmørke by Tusmørke (Norway) 10 0%
Vittjar by Kaipa (Sweden) 10 0%
Animales Invisibles by Manoel Macia (Spain) 8 0%
Deus Lo Vult by Il Bacio della Medusa (Italy) 7 0%
Covered Mirror – Volume One: Smooth As Silk by Unitopia (Australia) 6 0%
Made in Belgium by Aranis (Belgium) 6 0%
One Eye On The Sunrise by Nine Stones Close (The Netherlands) 6 0%
Moments by Ioearth (UK) 5 0%
AttosecondO by Alphataurus (Italy) 5 0%
Trouble With Machines by District 97 (USA) 4 0%
Beyond Man And Time by RPWL (Germany) 4 0%
Beyond the Realms of Euphoria by Galahad (UK) 4 0%
Microsolco by Mangala Vallis (Italy) 3 0%
O Arquiteto by Quaterna Requiem (Brazil) 3 0%
Sendelica – The Satori In Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer (UK) 2 0%
In a cold embrace by Battlestations (Belgium) 1 0%
Other answer… 205 3%

13 thoughts on “Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll Results”

  1. Bonjour à Christian, Tristan, Hassan, Thierry & Benoit, (et bien sur une pensée amicale à Caro qu’on oublie pas) merci pour tout et continuez comme ça, on a besoin de vous !!!

  2. En français d’abord! C’est tout simplement merveilleux! Justice est rendue à un groupe qui se bat depuis plus de 4 décénies pour créer de la beauté pure et élever nos âmes musicales et poétiques!
    In English now! I’m very glad for ANGE! A little proud too because I Know them since a long long time now! If you don’t know them, buy this record and enjoy their universe!

  3. Yes !! the most famous french band is always alive, course an Ange is eternal !! I love this great band ! Welcome in Moyen-Age !
    The Weather System Anathema album is a magnificent work that deserves his second place, an amazing band that I also very appreciate !!

  4. juste récompense pour un groupe qui accompagne beaucoup de personnes depuis 1970 !!!!

    Une pensée pour Emile le maréchal férant !


  6. Merveilleux groupe que j’aie pu voir sur scène à 33 ans de différence. si les musiciens ont changé l’âme est troujours présente ainsi que la hargne. a dans 33 ans …

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