Pivot Point

Dave Haskell - Pivot Point
Dave Haskell – Pivot Point
Dave Haskell

Pivot Point (Coastal Sky Productions CSP001, 2013)

Pivot Point is the first album by seasoned jazz guitarist Dave Haskell. Although Haskell has been playing guitar for many years and was a reputable sideman and soloist, his job for many years was airline pilot. Now that he’s retired from flying he’s found the time to record his first solo album.

On Pivot Point you’ll find a mix of adventurous fusion, smooth jazz, and funk jazz with outstanding guitar playing throughout the album. Highlights include the funk jazz infused ‘For Barack’; Brazilian-flavored Mamba Samba’; ‘Second Look’ which goes more in a fusion direction with great interaction between the guitar and keyboards; the exquisite bluesy piece ‘Thirty West by Seventy’ (o Something Hundred) with more of the superb guitar and keyboard collaborations, destined to be a classic; more of the fusion on ‘For the Moment’; and the skillful guitar, piano, drums and bass improvisations on ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ that will appeal to fans of straight-ahead jazz.

The album was produced by bassist Jimmy Haslip. The band includes Dave Haskell on guitar; Dan Zemelman on piano and synthesizer; Aaron Germain on bass; and Alan Hall on drums. Guests include Haskell’s early-career band mates Robben Ford (guitar) and Russell Ferrante (keyboards), as well as Jimmy Haslip on bass and Toss Panos on drums.

Pivot Point is an impressive debut by a veteran guitarist that finally gets the recognition he deserves.

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