Erik Wøllo Reissues Remastered 2013 Edition of Silver Beach Electronic Music Classic

Erik Wøllo - Silver Beach
Erik Wøllo – Silver Beach
Visionary electronic music artist Erik Wøllo has remastered his classic electronic album Silver Beach from the eighties (1986), and album that has not been available for some time. This is a digital-only re-release.

Silver Beach is Erik’s most rhythmic album consisting of fifteen vibrant tracks from his early career. At the time, electronic music was still in its early stages, and the MIDI revolution had just started to influence the way artists made music.

When I remastered the album I tried to keep the spirit of the originals. Yet at the same time I wanted to add certain details to make it more complete. All my albums represent a certain chapter in my life. In many ways the music reflects how to live in a particular time. Different musical styles come and go, but I have always tried to find my own way.

Silver Beach has not been available for some time. But this album does seem to refuse to die! A lot of people have asked for it, and where to get it. This inspired me to make a new and updated version. Here it is again. Enjoy!” says Erik Wøllo

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