Best Progressive Rock Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll

headphones-manProgressive Rock Central presents its annual Readers’ Poll for best Progressive Rock Album of the year.

Readers may vote multiple choices and voting is allowed once a day.

Results will be made public at the end of 2013.

100 thoughts on “Best Progressive Rock Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll”

  1. I’d nominate Nemo – Le Ver Dans Le Fruit for the list. I wouldn’t argue it’ll win best of the year, or even best of their catalog, but it’s as deserving as a lot of the others listed.

    For me Ingranaggi Della Valle tops the list, but I’m a hopeless RPI fan.

  2. Appreciate your votes for Oblivion Sun’s “The High Places”! Much thanks! If you haven’t heard it, it would make a wonderful Holiday gift to request!!! Happy Holidays!

  3. i hesitate between s Wilson and s hackett, both at the top ! but i don’t love genesis revisited, so i vote for s w !il est génial

  4. Steve Hackett – a legend performing some of the greatest Prog Rock ever written and recorded… Simples

  5. I am a “hopeless RPI fan” too, and I think that Unreal City, from Italy, are totally awesome: La Crudeltà Di Aprile.

  6. My husband, Jimmy Greenspoon, career keyboardist for the legendary rock band, endorses Oblivion Son.

  7. FICCION is the best power trio, we have to take his new 3º producction worldwide ” ON THE WRATH OF GOD ” with Synfonic Orchestra have the most greatest sound; is STUNNING…¡¡¡

  8. It is the most advanced form of music, combining moderm rock and classic orchestra into one fantastic sound.

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