Gentle Giant Live Unedited

Gentle Giant - Live At The Bicentennial
Gentle Giant – Live At The Bicentennial
Gentle Giant

Live At The Bicentennial (Alucard, 2014)

Gentle Giant’s latest release is a 2-CD live recording titled Live At The Bicentennial, its first official live album since1976’s “Playing the Fool Live.” Live At The Bicentennial was made on July 3rd 1976 at the Calderone Theater, Hempstead, Long Island (New York State).

This splendid vault release presents an unedited side of Gentle Giant. The live recording was not altered, improved or remixed. There are no overdubs so you get a true picture of what the band sounded like in the 1970s.

Gentle Giant is one of the essential progressive rock bands of the 1970s. Their complex compositions, combining classical, rock, blues, early music, and jazz were truly unique. Live At The Bicentennial features primarily material from the Free Hand and Interview albums.

Live performances are great opportunities to listen to extended versions of familiar pieces. And this recording is no exception. There are stellar instrumental performances by Derek Shulman (lead vocals), Ray Shulman (bass, violin, and vocals), Kerry Minnear (keyboards, vocals), Gary Green (guitar, vocals) and John Weathers (drums).

Live At The Bicentennial delivers an unedited look at one of the greatest progressive rock bands of all time at its prime.

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