Brand X Live in Los Angeles

Brand X - Live at the Roxy, LA 1979
Brand X – Live at the Roxy, LA 1979
Brand X

Live at the Roxy, LA 1979 (Gonzo HST193CD, 2013)

Live at the Roxy, LA 1979 is a soundboard recording from a Brand X concert recorded at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, September 23rd. The recording was made shortly after the release of Product.

Brand X was one of the leading British jazz-rock fusion bands in the late 1970s. Band members were excellent instrumentalists. This live recording featured Phil Collins on drums, Percy Jones on bass, John Goodsall on guitar, Robin Lumley on keyboards, and Peter Robinson on keyboards.

Although the recording quality is mediocre, you will find plenty of stellar instrumental moments with exciting interplay, solos and improvisations. The first two tracks, ‘Disco Suicide (Into) Algon’ and ‘Dance of the Illegal Aliens,’ contain impressive jazz-rock fusion work.

Track 3, ‘Don’t Make Waves,’ has a classic rock feel with jam sections.

The fourth piece, ‘Malaga Vergen’ (inspired by the southern Spanish wine Malaga virgen) has some Spanish flavor and showcases admirable bass work by Percy Jones.

On ‘…And So To F…’ the listener gets treated to fine guitar soloing by John Goodsall who easily crosses back and forth from jazz into rock.

The last piece is ‘Nuclear Burn,’ where the highlights are the spectacular keyboard work and a muscular drum solo by Phil Collins.

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