Dusan Jevtovic, Power Rock Guitarist

Dusan Jevtovic - Am I Walking Wrong?
Dusan Jevtovic – Am I Walking Wrong?
Dusan Jevtovic

Am I Walking Wrong? (MoonJune MJR058, 2013)

Am I Walking Wrong? Is the first international release by Serbian guitarist Dusan Jevtovic. The instrumental album features a power trio format featuring Dusan Jevtovic on distorted electric guitar along with Spanish bassist Bernat Hernandez and Serbian drummer Marko Djordjevic.

Musically, Dusan Jevtovic crosses several music boundaries, including hard rock, jazz fusion and Red-era King Crimson style progressive rock. The musicians keep the music varied by using unconventional time signatures and uncompromising changes of direction.

Dušan Jevtović (pronounced Doo-shan Yev-toh-vich) is originally from Serbia and has established himself as an accomplished guitarist in Barcelona, Spain where he plays rock and blues. In a addition to his trio, Dušan is also a part of XRET (Xavi Reija Electric Trio).

Bassist Bernat Hernández performs multiple genres, including jazz, fusion, pop and rock. With Dušan, Bernat also appears in XRET.

Marko Djordjević (pronounced like ‘Georgevich’) is an accomplished drummer. Besides his performing and recording career, Marko is also an instructor at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Marko’s band is called SVETI. He is also a crucial component in one of MoonJune’s own signature creations: a power rock improv trio that also features the talented Beledo on guitar and Clint Bahr (formerly of TriPod) on 12-string bass.

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