Progressive Music for Air Devices

Squonk Opera - Pneumatica
Squonk Opera – Pneumatica

Squonk Opera

Pneumatica (Squonk Opera SO14003, 2014)

The first thing you need to know about Squonk Opera is that it’s a multidisciplinary group of artists whose music is closely linked to other performing arts forms, which means that if you only listen to the music, you are missing part of the experience. In this case, we have music and videos as a reference.

The musicians behind Squonk Opera play instrumental progressive rock with Celtic influences at times. It’s a fabulous mix of instrumental virtuosity along with cinematic, dramatic and epic passages. In addition to the usual progressive rock instruments such as guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, Squonk Opera also uses accordion and electronic bagpipes.

The theme behind Pneumatica is the concept of devices made of air and powered by air. The artists present a combination of art installations, comedy, mechanical devices and live music.






The Artistic Directors of the group are Steve O’Hearn and Jackie Dempsey.



The musicians in Pneumatica include Jackie Dempsey on keyboards and accordion; Kevin Kornicki on drums and electronics; Steve O’Hearn on electronic bagpipes and flute; David Wallace on electric guitar; and Nathan Wilson on bass.

Squonk Opera is one of the most attractive live acts within the progressive music and alternative performing arts scene with a brilliant combination of devices, outdoor theater and great music.

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