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cover t of the album Fetish by German progressive rock band Seven Steps to the Green Door
Seven Steps to the Green Door – Fetish

Seven Steps to the Green Door

Fetish (Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD030, 2015)

The Progressive Promotion Records label continues to surprise with yet another outstanding progressive rock release. This time it’s the fourth album by German band Seven Steps to the Green Door. This group stands out from the rest of the pack thanks to its combination of classic symphonic progressive rock, complex rhythmic structures and beautifully-crafted vocal work.

Seven Steps to the Green Door’s sounds has strong connections to the unique sound of Gentle Giant in the use of multiple time signature changes and the multilayered vocal harmonies that sound like a fabulous mix of Gentle Giant and Queen.

The group displays dazzling instrumental skills and memorable vocal work by the group’s two singers, especially Anne Trautmann’s work.

The lineup includes Ulf Reinhardt on drums and spoken word; Marek Arnold on keyboards, flute and saxophone; Martin Schnella on bass, guitars and vocals; Lars Köhler on lead vocals; and Anne Trautmann on lead vocals.

Guests featured: Justo Suárez on percussion; Arno Menses on vocals; Melanie Mau on vocals; Floren Flechsig on vocals; Lars Begerow on vocals; Elisabeth Markstein on vocals; Stephan Wegner on vocals; Annemarie Schmidt on vocals; Alicoa Pfeiffer on vocals; Daniel Mash on bass; Luca di Gennaro on synthesizer; Antonio Vitozzi on guitar; and Steve Unruh on violin.

The CD version comes in a nicely packaged trifold digipack that includes a two-sided poster with the band on one side and three grotesque masked individuals on the other.




Seven Steps to the Green Door received 1st prize in two categories at the German Rock and Pop Awards for debut album, The Puzzle (2006). The band’s second album “Step in 2 My World” came out in 2008. Next came a concept album titled “The Book” (2011).

Fetish is a superb progressive rock album by a talented band that shows admirable skill, fascinating creativity and masterful progressive rock constructions.

This album is scheduled for release in September. Preorder it from

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