Top-notch Progressive Rock by Nad Sylvan

Nad Sylvan - Courting the Widow
Nad Sylvan – Courting the Widow
Nad Sylvan

Courting the Widow (Insideout, 2015)

Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Nad Sylvan has released a progressive rock masterpiece titled Courting the Widow. Sylvan is the vocalist that has been touring for the past years with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

Although he has reveals his versatility as a vocalist in the past, Nad Sylvan now demonstrates that he is one of the finest vocalists, if not the best, in the current progressive rock scene. The exceptionally expressive vocal range, overdubs and backing vocals are impressive. Equally remarkable is Sylvan’s ability as a composer and arranger. Courting The Widow is Genesis-inspired symphonic progressive rock at its best, with an exquisite balance between the lyrics, vocals and the musical instruments.

The rich palette of memorable keyboards includes organ, synths, mellotron and other sounds that will delight lovers of classic progressive rock. The guitar work is equally outstanding featuring Sylvan and special guests Steve Hackett and Roine Stolt. The three musicians deliver superb solos.

All the material on this album is first class. For fans of epic suites, Sylvan has recorded two excellent lengthy pieces, ‘Echoes of Ekwabet’ and ‘To Turn the Other Side.’

The lineup on Courting the Widow includes Nad Sylvan on vocals, keyboards and guitars; Nick Beggs on bass and backing vocals; Steve Hackett on guitar, Roine Stolt on guitar; Lars Drugge on acoustic guitar; Rob Townsend on soprano saxophone; Roger King on piano; world music fiddle virtuosa Annbjørg Lien; Nick D´Virgilio on drums; Gary O´Toole on drums; Doane Perry on drums; Jonas Reingold on bass, and Jade Ell on backing vocals.



Courting the Widow is a beautifully crafted progressive rock album by the talented and multifaceted Nad Sylvan with original compositions that sound like classics. This is his best work yet.

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