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Oddjob – Folk (Caprice, 2015)

Swedish jazz-rock band Oddjob has recreated traditional folk songs related to herding and transformed them into contemporary jazz pieces. There are barely any visible folk music elements aside from the brief field recordings of herding calls.

The music resolves around the outstanding fiery interplay between the trumpet, saxophone and piano supported by creative drumming and bass lines. There are also exquisite laid back occasions like tracks 3 and 7, titled simply “Folk #3” and “Folk #7”.

The lineup includes Peter Forss on acoustic bass, Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson on saxophones, bass clarinet and alto flute; Goran Kajfes on trumpet and modular synthesizer; Daniel Karlsson on grand piano and Crumar organ; and Janne Robertsson on drums.

Oddjob delivers beautifully crafted jazz pieces inspired by traditional folk music.

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