Tribal Minsdcapes

Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf – Tales from the Ultra Tribe (Projekt, 2013)

On Tales from the Ultra Tribe, electronic music maestro Steve Roach teams up with percussionist Byron Metcalf to produce a spellbinding set of timelessly crafted ambient music combined with electronic grooves and a wide assortment of acoustic percussion instruments: frame drums, rattles, clay pots and shakers.

This is a very long album with shape-shifting atmospheres and tribal drum beats; a perfect marriage between the technology of today and ancient shamanic sounds.

Steve Roach plays analog and digital hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, didgeridoo, eurorack analog modular hybrid grooves, ocarina & mega waterphone. Byron Metcalf plays frame drums, buffalo drum, bass and ceremonial drums, hybrid toms, udu and clay pots, rattles and shakers.

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