Darkness and Ambiance

Downriver Dead Men Go - Tides (2015)
Downriver Dead Men Go – Tides (2015)

Dutch band Downriver Dead Men Go plays introspective melancholic music that is deeply influenced by post rock bands. Downriver Dead Men Go is on the atmospheric side of post rock. Although I wouldn’t call them a full blown progressive rock band, they do have elements that recall Pink Floyd.

Tide features dark songs and instrumentals. I find the sorrowful songs a little repetitive after a while. Meanwhile, the instrumentals are more captivating with well-crafted progressions and mesmerizing ambient electronic work. Highlights include “Walking Away”, “The Ghost of Caitlin”, “Undertow” and the atmospheric work in “Stone in My Heart.”

The lineup includes Andy de Zeeuw on drums, Gerrit Koekebakker on guitars and vocals, Fernandez Burton on bass, and Gijs van Rijn (then came the flood) was brought in on keyboards and soundscapes.

Get the album from downriverdeadmengo.bandcamp.com/releases

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