Marco Ragni Emphasizes All the Beauty That Surrounds Him via Prog Rock

Marco Ragni – Land of Blue Echoes (Melodic Revolution Records, 2016)

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist Marco Ragni has put together a masterful recording that revolves around psychedelic progressive rock. What makes Land of Blue Echoes especially attractive is the combination of Pink Floyd-inspired progressive rock, folk-rock, fusion, Renaissance music, world music elements, ambient electronics, blues and more.

Although there is one charming song in Italian, most of the lyrics are in English and Marco Ragni does a great job delivering the vocals along with Durga McBroom, the captivating American singer that provided the familiar backing vocals for Pink Floyd.

Throughout Land of Blue Echoes, Marco Ragni and his colleagues perform a series of high energy segments and delightful slow tempo sections. Ragni does an outstanding job, mixing electric progressive rock with fascinating acoustic sounds.

Marco Ragni signifies the true spirit of progressive rock, taking the music beyond the regular parameters, adding dreamy constructions, mesmerizing ambience, harp-like sounds, and so much more. And, of course, in addition to shorter gems he delivers two lengthy suites, including the grand 22-minute serpentine composition that combines psychedelic and symphonic prog rock with marvelous electronic ambience.

Marco Ragni appears on vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano keyboards & Greek bouzouki. He’s joined by special guests Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) on vocals; Peter Matuchniak (Gekko Project) on lead guitar; Jeff Mack (Scarlet Hollow) on bass; Jacopo Ghirardini (Stalag 17) on drums; Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner Band ) plays lead guitar on “Money Doesn’t Think”; Colin Tench (Corvus Stone) plays lead guitar on “Between Moon And Earth”; Vance Gloster (Gekko Project) on keyboards and Hammond organ; and Hamlet (Transport Aerian) plays bass and keyboards.

Land of Blue Echoes demonstrates the talent of progressive rock multi-instrumentalist Marco Ragni.

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