The Dazzling Vocals of Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding – Emily’s D+Evolution (Concord, 2016)

Jazz bassist, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding has released what is perhaps one of her most progressive albums. Her music is still rooted in jazz, soul, funk and other Afro-rooted forms, but on her new album ‘Emily’s D+Evolution’, she adds rock elements, progressive jazz and lots of vocal experimentation.

Even though, she is an outstanding bass player, Esperanza Spalding really stands out here because of her vocal abilities. She uses and transforms her voice in so many that it’s hard to catch all the amazing nuances included in the recordings. She uses modulations, loops and overdubs to create a one of the finest vocal albums of this year.



The lineup on ‘Emily’s D+Evolution’ includes Esperanza Spalding on vocals, bass, piano and synth bass; Matthew Stevens (Christian Scott) on guitar; Karriem Riggins (Madlib, Erykah Badu) on drums; Corey King on background vocals, trombone and synthesizer; Emily Elbert on background vocals; Nadia Washington on background vocals; Justin Tyson on drums; Fred Martin on background vocals; Katriz Trinidad on background vocals; Celeste Butler on background vocals; and Kimberly L. Cook-Ratliff on background vocals.



‘Emily’s D+Evolution’ is an exceptionally good genre-bending album featuring impressive vocal work.

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