Artist Profiles: Ain Soph

Ain Soph

Ain Soph was formed in 1970 and was one of the pioneers of rock music in Japan. Their music is influenced by British progressive rock, adding Japanese elements. They were heavily influenced by Canterbury-style bands such as Camel, Soft Machine and Hatfield and the North. They are well known as a Japanese Canterbury music band and have released 7 albums in Japan.

Their album Tenchi-Sozo: Ride on a Camel contains a different version of their famous suite A Story of Mysterious Forest, recorded live, before their first album was released.

The Mysterious Triangle album (1993) was recorded live during 1976-1978. It features 6 previously unreleased songs and two tracks from previous albums with different arrangements.

Quicksand, the band’s third live album contains a selection of live performances from 1986-89. during that period, Ain Soph had two keyboard players. This recording includes 5 unreleased pieces and the 16-minute long ‘Quicksand.’

They played with Richard Sinclair in 2004. “They are one of the very best Canterbury music bands in the world. I am willing to join whenever they need my voice on recordings.” he said. Ain Soph also played at BajaProg2007 festival.


* A Story of Mysterious Forest (King Nexus, 1980)
* Hat and Field (King Nexus KICS 2897, 1986)
* Marine Menagerie (Made In Japan MCD 2921, 1991)
* Tenchi-Sozo: Ride on a Camel – Special Live (recorded 1976-78) (Belle Antique MAR-9120, 1991)
* Five Evolved From Nine (Made In Japan MCD 2925, 1993)
* Mysterious Triangle – Special Live – Volume 2 (Belle Antique MAR-9336, 1993)
* Quicksand – Special Live – Volume 3 (Belle Antique MAR-9472, 1994)
* Studio Live Tracks ’80s and ’05 (POSEIDON PRF-041/Musea FGBG 4705.AR, 2007)


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