Impeccable Cast

Cast – Power and Outcome (Progressive Promotion Records, 2017)

Mexican progressive symphonic rock band Cast, one of the finest progressive rock acts from Latin America is back with “Power and Outcome”. The band led by keyboardist and composer Alfonso Vidales features an international roster of virtuoso musicians who deliver impressive solos and prog-rock orchestrations.

In addition to Vidales’ magnificent keyboard work, Cast’s sound is characterized by the violin solos of Italian musician Roberto Izzo and Chilean guitar wizard Claudio Cordero who shreds masterfully.

On the vocal side, Cast uses English-language lyrics inspired by British bands. The vocals are beautifully-crafted with call and response techniques, overdubs and dramatic effects. Nevertheless, most of the album is instrumental.

Stylistically, the band is influenced by top tier British bands and also by Italian progressive rock masters.

The lineup includes Alfonso Vidales on keyboards; Claudio Cordero on guitar; Roberto Izzo on violin; Antonio Bringas on drums and percussion; Bobby Vidales on lead and background vocals; Lupita Acuña on vocals; Carlos Humarán on bass, Taurus pedals and background vocals.

Power and Outcome is an impeccable example of progressive rock craftsmanship featuring stellar instrumental and vocal work.

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