New Directions from Echotest

EchoTest – From Two Balconies (indie release, 2017)

From Two Balconies is the new album by the remarkable progressive music trio EchoTest. The group crosses numerous musical boundaries so it’s hard to classify the music they play. It’s a powerful mix of Crimsonesque progressive rock, classic rock, pop, and post rock along with dreamy loops, effects and ambient electronic textures.

While previous recordings Fourth Dementia” (2014) and “Le Fil Rouge” (2015) were primarily instrumental, From Two Balconies features vocals on many of the tracks. However, the instrumentals are still some of the best cuts on this album.

The EchoTest lineup includes celebrated bass player Julie Slick on bass VI and drum programs; Marco Machera on bass V and vocals; and Alessandro Inolti on drums.
They are joined by an impressive cast of guest musicians who provided masterful performances: Pat Mastelotto on drums; Tim Motzer on guitar; Ian Gray on trombone; Greg Rosen on trumpet; Zach Lopresti on guitar; Mike Visser on vocals and guitar; Ali Wadsworth on vocals; Sarah “flossy” Anderson on violin; Claire Wadsworth on vocals and piano; and Gary Slick on vocals.


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