Omega Zero – Ocean Paradox – Part 1

Omega Zero – Ocean Paradox – Part 1

Omega Zero is a progressive metal band from Rome formed in 2014. The band’s founders, Filippo Rosati and Simone Arcari, designed the band to provide more to audiences than just the usual heavy metal firepower. They wanted a story behind their music and so Ocean Paradox – Part 1, is the initial part of a trilogy of albums which will introduce the band as a creator of themes as well as powerful progressive metal music.

Ocean Paradox Chapter I was released on June 15, 2019. Omega Zero includes: Filippo Rosati, on guitars; Simone Arcari, on bass; Alessio Pascucci, on drums; Adrea Germano, on keys; and Flavio Marcello Troiso, on vocals.

This band can rock! And at the same time, create wonderful theater of the mind music with their orchestral productions. The opener, “Lost World Overture”, is a perfect example. Powerful dark keys and effects open the track with hard pounding drums following close behind. Just what you would imagine from the cover artwork from Marco Tudini. Place that artwork before you as you take in the vast array of metal power chords on this fantastic opener. Imagine these menaces of the deep moving slowly to the soundtrack surrounding you. Magnificent!

“Legends” opens with thunderous drums and lead guitar. It doesn’t mess around with introductions. It hits like a cannonball gut punch before Flavio Marcello Troiso’s first vocals are heard. He sounds a little like Kingcrow’s Diego Marchesi. In fact, some of the vocal harmonies of the band members remind me of that of Kingcrow. Which is a very good thing indeed. However, this band uses more keyboards and effects, much to their credit. But don’t let that distract you. The metal power drumming and heavy electric axes are abundantly present in this glorious anthem.

“Memory of the Lost”, opens with cool piano rhythms, before full on synthesizers with matching driving drums transform the scene. Electric lead guitar follows closely behind, while a Dream Theater sounding theme builds, before more elegant piano fills the soundscape. Troiso sings, “Here I am chasing the past. Truth and reality, a lot of these mysteries are coming alive again”, reminiscent of LaBrie. This is the longest track on the album and the vocals, orchestration, and heavy metal power are anthemic. “Don’t be afraid!” Troiso sings. The lead electric solo that follows is characteristic of how well the music on this album fulfills your sound wishes. The keyboards and musicianship which follows are some of the best on the album. “Dawning of a new day has just begun!”, Troiso sings. A new band emerges, to fill the void when other headliners are creating their new works of art.

“A Sea We Call Life”, is full of more of that wonderful orchestration and a sea of guitars. “The horizon will show us the way. The sky now is here to stay. Searching this place, that we used to call home”, Troiso sings. Wavy synthesizers that just brilliantly fill the soundscape so perfectly. Followed closely by electric guitar solos, before thunderous drum rhythms. Awesome! The first video for the album captures many of the affects you hear on the track.

Wonderful Styx – like guitar, reminiscent of the opening of “Suite Madame Blue”, one of my personal favorites, kicks off “Purpose Within”. Troiso sings, “I don’t know what I am looking for. I’m confused”. “Let’s go, to find what is lost…between two worlds…in search for a new land”. That wonderful Italian spirit of adventure. “The sea is the link between two worlds!”, Troiso sings.

“The Paradox – Part 1”, the title track will take the listener in many different directions. It opens with cool keys and effects. But it is merely an opening to a three-track unending descent to the ocean’s bottom and return to the light of day.

On “The Great Descent”, The drum and synthesizer blazing effects are awesome! Deep and dark, like the cavernous Mariana Trench. Blistering electric guitar and swarming drums light up the heaviest track on the album. The drum rhythms will take you back to Mike Portnoy. The growling and yelling also threatens darkness…but it is not overwhelming. Similar to Arjen Lucassen’s music. Growls of “Fear!”. Enough for effect, not a death metal extravaganza at all. Cool keys bring back tranquility, along with a wonderful lead electric solo, supported with dynamic bass.

“As You Can Breathe”, closes the album with power. The opening guitar and cymbals quietly calm, before menacing power drums and heavy bass follow. Surging synthesizers and all the band can unleash to blow your mind are brought to bear on the soundscape. Regal lead electric guitar and beautiful piano merged to create magic.

Ocean Paradox – Part 1, will definitely be on my top ten list at the end of the year. It is like hearing Kingcrow and Coma Rossi, last year for the first time. A wonderful discovery, and a new band to look forward to hearing new music from in the future. This band is everything the artwork on the cover of the album promised. Epic music, great vocals and a story that you can enjoy along with it all.

Ocean Paradox – Part 1, is the band’s debut. Get in on the ground floor beginning of this band and enjoy their future development with more chapters of the trilogy unfolding in the future. This is the new music you have been waiting to buy!

“A Sea We Call Life Video”

Logo by Ilaria Toscano (KeirArt)

Graphics and Artwork By

Track List

  1. Lost World Overture – 4:41
  2. Legends – 6:03
  3. Memory of the Lost – 8:47
  4. A Sea We Call Life – 6:02
  5. Purpose Within – 6:50
  6. The Paradox – Part 1 – 1:28
  7. The Great Descent – 5:44
  8. As You Can Breathe – 5:45






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