Bram Stoker, Progressive Rock with a Gothic Twist

Bram Stoker ‎– No Reflection (Bram Stoker, 2019)

British progressive rock band Bram Stoker has a long story and has gone through various incarnations. No Reflection presents a fascinating mix of classic progressive rock with folk-rock, Renaissance and Baroque influences. Occasionally they drift too far to pop for my taste, but the majority of the album is very satisfying.

Highlights include the outstanding guitar work of Neil Richardson, one of the finest British guitarists I’ve heard recently; the keyboards of classically-trained composer Tony Bronsdon, specially the Gothic organ, clavichord and synth solos; and the vocal work of Jo Marks.

Bram Stoker ‎– No Reflection

Bram Stoker was founded by organist Anthony Bronsdon, guitarist Peter Ballam and drummer Rob Haines. They later added bassist John Bavin, all of whom were based in their south coast home town of Bournemouth, England.

Bram Stoker’s discography includes “Heavy Rock Spectacular” (1972), “Rock Paranoia” (2007), “Cold Reading” (2014), and “Bete Noire.”

The current lineup includes Tony Bronsdon on keyboards, vocals; Josephine “Jo” Marks on bass, guitar, vocals; Neil Richardson on lead guitar, bass, guitar synth, vocals; and Warren Marks on drums.

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