Giant The Vine’s Cinematic Explorations

Giant The Vine – Music for Empty Places (Lizard Records, 2019)

Italian band Giant The Vine delivers an effective set of instrumental tracks on Music for Empty Places. The group combines high energy guitars (although not metal), cinematic passages, symphonic rock, post rock and exquisite mellotron.

Giant The Vine – Music for Empty Places

There is a nicely-crafted balance between the muscular rock and the delicate and mesmerizing, laid back segments. You’ll hear echoes of King Crimson, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Anglagard.

The lineup on Music for Empty Places includes Fabio Vrenna on guitars; Fulvio Solari on guitars; Daniele Riotti on drums and percussion; Marco Fabricci on bass; Chico Schoen on keyboards; and Ilaria Vrenna on keyboards.

An excellent release by a very promising forward-thinking band.

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