Remastered Edition of Encore: Tangerine Dream Live

Tangerine Dream – Encore: Tangerine Dream Live (Virgin Records, remastered 2019 edition)

Encore: Tangerine Dream Live was Tangerine Dream’s second live album. It was originally released in 1977 as a double vinyl album. The 2019 remastered edition is available on CD featuring the four original tracks plus two bonus tracks that appeared as singles: “Encore” and “Hobo March.”

The musical pieces were recorded during Tangerine Dream’s 1977 North American Tour, engineered by Tangerine Dream and mixed by Peter Baumann. This was at a time when Virgin Records defied the radio and major label gatekeepers who didn’t believe in lengthy musical pieces.

Tangerine Dream – Encore: Tangerine Dream Live

The first track is “Cherokee Lane.” It begins with sound experimentation and leads to a mix of morphing sequences, mellotron layers and improvisations and synth melodies.

Track 2, “Monolight” begins slow tempo, with piano improvisation and melodies and beautiful mellotron harmonies that lead into sound experimentation, fast-paced sequences and melodic synth solos, incorporating themes from previous recordings.

On “Coldwater Canyon,” the sequencers jump right in, joined by prolonged guitar work by Edgar Froese.
“Desert Dream” takes the listener to an enigmatic ambient music realm, with mysterious mellotron layers and intriguing melodies and effects.

The bonus pieces are much shorter, intended for radio. “Encore” is very melodic featuring intertwined sequences, synth melodies, march-like electronic percussion and symphonic harmonies.

The second bonus track, “Hobo March” is another melodic piece with interweaved melodies backed by slow sequences and a tambourine-like electronic percussion.

The Tangerine Dream lineup on this tour continued featuring the three most iconic members of the band: Edgar Froese on Gibson Les Paul custom guitars, twin keyboard Mellotron Mark V, Steinway Grand Piano, Oberheim Four Voice polyphonic synthesizer, ARP Omni string synthesizer, ARP digital soloist synthesizer, PPG synthesizer, Moog modular synthesizer, and Projekt electronic time control system; Christoph Franke on Moog modular synthesizer, Projekt Electronic sequencer, Computerstudio digital sequencer, Mellotron M400, ARP soloist synthesizer, Elka string synthesizer, Oberheim sequencer, Oberheim eight voice polyphonic synthesizer, and electronic percussion; and Peter Baumann on Projekt Electronic Modular Synthesizer, Projekt Electronic sequencer, Fender Rhodes piano, ARP Pro Soloist synthesizer, Mellotron M400, EMS Vocoder with AKG micro C414 and ELKA string synthesizer.

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