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Progressive Rock Profiles: Genesis

Progressive rock-era Genesis
Progressive rock-era Genesis


In 1967, flutist Peter Gabriel, keyboardist Tony Banks, guitarist Anthony Phillips, bassist Mike Rutherford and drummer Chris Stewart formed Genesis, an extraordinary musical act that would later become one of the most famous progressive rock bands in history.

Initially, Peter Gabriel was a flute player, but he soon became the lead vocalist. Gabriel also became the main lyricist for Genesis. Gabriel also introduced theatrical elements to the band’s shows. He used makeup and various costumes during Genesis’ live performances.

While Genesis was recording its debut pop album, From Genesis to Revelation, drummer Chris Stewart was replaced by John Silver. Before recording the second LP, Trespass, Silver was replaced by John Mayhew. Trespass marked a shift to lengthier and more complex tracks, moving Genesis into a solid progressive rock direction.


Genesis - Trespass
Genesis – Trespass


Health problems and stage fright led guitarist Anthony Phillips to leave the band. This crisis nearly broke up the band. Steve Hackett was recruited and became the new guitar player, while Phil Collins took over drums and backing vocals.

Genesis quickly became a legendary progressive rock band thanks to its charismatic vocals, elaborate lyrics, outstanding music and innovative visual effects. Progressive rock fans worldwide consider the band one of the finest of all time and numerous groups and singers in the 1970s, and later decades, were and are still heavily influenced by the Genesis sound.

During this second phase, Genesis developed state of the art progressive rock. This era included the now classic albums Trespass (1970), Nursery Cryme (1971), Foxtrot (1972), Selling England by the Pound (1973), Live (1973), The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974), A Trick of the Tail (1976), Wind & Wuthering (1976), and Seconds Out (1977).

In 1975, after tensions during the recording of the double LP The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Peter Gabriel left and started his solo career. Genesis stayed as a quartet and drummer Peter Collins became the lead vocalist.


Genesis down to four
Genesis down to four


Genesis took a radical shift in 1978, after guitarist Steve Hackett left. Genesis became a trio and was transformed into a very successful chart-topping pop band.

In 2012, Steve Hackett released the highly successful Genesis Revisited II album.


* From Genesis to Revelation (Decca Records, 1969)
* Trespass (Charisma Records, 1970)
* Nursery Cryme (Charisma Records, 1971)
* Foxtrot (Charisma Records, 1972)
* Selling England by the Pound (Charisma Records, 1973)
* Live (Charisma Records, 1973)
* The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Charisma Records, 1974)
* A Trick of the Tail (Charisma Records, 1976)
* Wind & Wuthering (Charisma Records, 1976)
* Seconds Out (Charisma Records, 1977)
* …And Then There Were Three… (Charisma Records, 1978)
* Duke (Charisma Records, 1980)
* Abacab (1981)
* Three Sides Live (Charisma Records, 1982)
* Genesis (Charisma Records, 1983)
* Invisible Touch (Charisma Records, 1986)
* We Can’t Dance (Virgin Records, 1991)
* The Way We Walk, Volume One: The Shorts (Virgin Records, 1992)
* The Way We Walk, Volume Two: The Longs (Virgin Records, 1993)
* Calling All Stations (Virgin Records, 1997)
* Live over Europe 2007 (Virgin Records, 2007)

The Eclectic Spectrum of Halloween Music

Goblin - Awakening
Goblin boxed set Awakening
When you look for music to capture the spirit of the Halloween celebration, you normally get the usual recommendations: Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s overplayed ‘Monster Mash’ or Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ and Alice Cooper’s ‘Welcome to My Nightmare.’ However, there other fabulous alternatives with musical genres such as progressive rock, folk, early music and world music that also capture the feel of horror, fantasy, and mystery.

Progressive rock is a great place to find wonderful material. Italian group Goblin is one of the kings of horror film music. They released straight ahead progressive rock albums and also specialized in horror movie soundtracks. Goblin worked closely with Italian director Dario Argento. Their available discography includes: Profondo Rosso (1975), Roller (1976), Suspiria (1977), Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark (1978), Tenebre (1982). A 6-CD boxed set titled Awakening includes their iconic soundtracks to Profondo Rosso, Suspiria, Tenebre and George Romero’s Zombi (Dawn of the Dead), together with their 1976 album Roller, Il Fantastico Viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark and the rare non-album singles ‘Chi?’ And ‘Yell’.

Multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield had an unexpected hit with his album “Tubular Bells.” Parts of this recording were used in the cult horror film The Excorcist”

One of the most wonderful symphonic progressive rock albums released in the 1970s was Pulsar’s Halloween. This French beauty released in 1977 was reissued on CD and is easily available. Halloween features vocals in English, ghostly voices and hauntingly beautiful mellotron and other keyboards.

Swedish group Morte Macabre (featuring members of Landberk and Anekdoten) specialize in recreations of Italian horror film music. Their album is titled Symphonic Holocaust.

Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma includes the strange creature sounds of ‘Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict’ and the frightening axe murderer piece ‘Careful With That Axe Eugene.’

If you love the Gothic sound of Baroque-era cathedral organ, Italian trio Three Monks specializes in instrumental progressive rock led by cathedral-style pipe organ. Their album is titled Neogothic Progressive Toccatas (Black Widow Records, 2011)

Of all the great classic progressive rock bands on the 1970s, Van Der Graaf Generator was certainly the darkest. The band’s leader Peter Hammill released a solo album from his opera The Fall of the House of Usher inspired by Edgar Alan Poe.

A reader alerted us about an omission. Although the name Halloween has been used by several rock bands in various countries, there is a French progressive rock band that released 5 recordings. Halloween played symphonic rock with horror and fantasy themes. Therir discography includes Part One (1988), the critically acclaimed Laz (1990), Merlin (1994), Silence…au Dernier Rang! (1998) and Le Festin (2001).

Kristen Lawrence - A Broom With a View
Kristen Lawrence – A Broom With a View
On Les Morts Vont Vite (The Dead Go Quickly) French band Shub-Niggurath plays a mix of Zeuhl and dark contemporary classical music with anguished female vocals and guitars inspired by King Crimson.

Belgian Rock In Opposition (a form of avant-garde rock) ensemble Univers Zero ventures into the world of dark and ominous music on its second album titled Heresie.

For a vibrant form of horror-inspired progressive rock, listen to ELP’s The Barbarian, Hut of Baba Yaga, Curse Of Baba Yaga, and Toccata.

Although not exactly progressive rock, composer, organist and excellent vocalist Kristen Lawrence has a great collection of recordings that capture the Halloween spirit. Rather than focusing on the horror side, her wonderful albums center on the mischievous and mysterious side of Halloween. With her gorgeous voice and symphonic organ mastery, Kristen Lawrence straddles the line between classical music and magical folk music. Her recordings include A Broom With a View, Edgar Allan Poe’s the Raven, and Arachnitect – From the Halloween Carols.

The cover of the album Possessed by early music ensemble eX looks like a collage of B-series movies. Possessed delves into Christian ecstatic trance as felt by Hildegard von Bingen, Teresa of Avila and Joan of Arc, demonic possession of the Salem witches, initiation ceremonies of the Afro-Brazilian Candomblé and a musical exorcism performed to the wild rhythms of the Italian spider dance known as Tarantella.

In the world music area, there are numerous recordings with horror themes. Notable Swedish folk music band Garmarna has a song called Varulven/Werewolf in their God’s Musicians – Guds Speleman álbum.

Spanish folk band Acetre from Extremadura sings in the Spanish-Portuguese border dialect about witches in Mãe Bruxa from their album Dehesario.

Mexican-American singer Lila Downs has recorded “La Llorona,” a tribute to the Dia de los Muertos with the popular Mexican ballad La Llorona about a female ghost that haunts the Mexican countryside.

Lastly, Frank Zappa was known for his irreverent mix of rock, avant-garde music and blues. His album Zoot Allures includes the unsettling blues-rock song called The Torture Never Stops.

Indonesian Masters and Exciting Newcomers at ProgDay 2013, Day 2

Herd of Instinct at ProgDay 2013 - Photo by Angel Romero
Herd of Instinct at ProgDay 2013 – Photo by Angel Romero
I went back in the afternoon to ProgDay at Storybook Farm on Sunday, August 31st. That’s why I overlooked the first two bands, Thank You Scientist (USA) and Out of the Beardspace (USA). Steven Feigenbaum of Cuneiform Records informed me that I had missed one of the highlights of the festival, Thank You Scientist.

Thank You Scientist is a seven-piece band from New Jersey that crosses multiple musical boundaries, from progressive rock to jazz, fusion, classical, hard rock, psychedelia, etc. Band members include Sal Marrano on vocals; Ellis Jasenovic on tenor & soprano sax; Greg Colacino on bass; Andrew Digrius on trumpet, flugelhorn; Russ Lynch on violin, viola; Tom Monda on guitar; and Odin Alvarez (Drums).

Thank You Scientist has an EP titled The Perils of Time Travel (2011) and a full length album, Maps of Non-Existent Places (2012).

Out of the Beardspace is a 6-piece experimental rock band formed in 2010, originally from South Jersey. In the summer of 2011 they moved into a house in Cherry Hill, and in the summer of 2012 they relocated to a mountain farm in Linden (Virginia) to grow their own food and practice sustainable living.

The group has released two EPs, Out Of The Beardspace I and Out Of The Beardspace II, and a full length album titled Out Of The Beardspace III. Band members include Ethan Feinstein on drums, percussion; Sam Gutman on keyboards, vocals, bass; Zach Lopresti on guitar, vocals, drums, percussion; Matt O’neil on bass, percussion, keyboards; Jeremy Savo on vocals, guitar; Kevin Savo on vocals, bass, percussion, guitar, drums.

I was able to watch the performance by Herd of Instinct, one of the most exciting new bands in the American progressive rock scene. The group from the Dallas-Fort Worth area plays a mix of vibrant King Crimsonian progressive music with elements of psychedelic jam rock, electronica, avant-garde experimentation and world music.

Herd of Instinct - Conjure
Herd of Instinct – Conjure
Band members include Mark Cook on Warr guitar, electronics; Mike Davison on guitar, guitar synth; Mike McGary on keyboards; and Jason Spradlin on drums, electronics. These guys need to be commended because they drove 17-18 hours from Texas to the Piedmont area of North Carolina. This was also their first festival appearance and they put a great show.

Herd of Instinct has two critically acclaimed albums, Herd of Instinct (2011) and the recent Conjure (2013).

The last band on stage was the fabulous fusion outfit simakDialog from Indonesia. This group of skilled musicians has gained worldwide recognition thanks to their superb releases on the MoonJune label. Their lineup is really interesting, with a keyboardist, electric guitarist and bass player and then three percussionists who play Indonesian barrel drums (kendang) and other instruments.

simakDialog’s sound was excellent, clean and very tight. Their virtuosic jazz fusion style has elements of progressive rock and mesmerizing Indonesian music. Band members include Riza Arshad on keyboards; Tohpati on guitar; Rudy Zulkarnaen on bass; Endang Ramdan on lead kendang, percussion; Erlan Suwardana on kendang, percussion; Cucu Kurnia on percussion.

simakDialog at ProgDay 2013 - Photo by Angel Romero
simakDialog at ProgDay 2013 – Photo by Angel Romero
The band’s albums are easy to find in the West thanks to MoonJune Records. The discography includes Lukisan (1995), Baur (1999), Trance/Mission (2002), Patahan (2006), Demi Masa (2009), and the brand new The 6th Story (2013).

ProgDay organizers are considering the possibility of becoming a non-profit organization. That would make it easier to raise funds.

I saw numerous out of state license plates: Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, etc. Festivalgoer Tony from Cary (North Carolina) said that he never misses one. “I drive an hour and it’s a great way to spend the weekend.”

For Jason and Cat from the Washington DC area, “It’s a fun festival. A nice place to relax. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. You can also bring kids.”

If you plan to attend the next ProgDay, it’s best if you bring a canopy to protect you from the sun. Even though there is a small roofed picnic-shelter area, it’s on the left side of the stage and you will enjoy the concerts better with a canopy. Also bring some lawn chairs and water or other beverages for hydration. Although Saturday’s weather was somewhat pleasant, it got pretty hot and steamy for a while on Sunday.

Catered food and beverages are available for sale in the picnic area. If you have the time before or after the concerts, you should check out the restaurants in Chapel Hill and Durham. Nearby Durham has gained quite a good reputation as a foodie town with great restaurants and a vibrant food truck scene.

Read about the first of day of ProgDay 2013: Memorable Saturday at Progday 2013

Memorable Saturday at Progday 2013

Mavara members Arash Radan, Jim Welch and Ashkan Hamedi
Mavara members Arash Radan, Jim Welch and Ashkan Hamedi – Photo by Angel Romero
Progday 2013 is taking place this weekend at its customary location in Storybook Farm, in Chapel Hill (North Carolina). Even though I live near the festival location, the morning schedule doesn’t work for me so I missed the first band’s concert. Although the program shows Mavara as playing today, Sunday, August 31st, there were scheduling changes and the group actually played yesterday, August 30th morning.

Mavara is a group of Iranian rock musicians who have relocated to the United States where they have been granted political asylum. They are now based in the New Hampshire area. I asked a couple of festivalgoers for their impression of Mavara’s performance. Jason and Cat from the Washington DC area described them as: “pretty good; intense. Heavy neo-progressive.” Another member of the audience, Toby, from Cary (North Carolina) said they were “good, entertaining.” The band’s American manager also described the band’s music as neoprog.

Mavara has three albums. Ultimate Sound (2007), Forgotten Inside (2009), and Season Of Salvation (2012). The current incarnation of the band includes keyboard player and band founder Farhood Ghadiri; Ashkan Hamedi on vocals; Arash Radan on electric guitar, Anis Oviesi on piano and keyboards, Sina Khodaiefar on bass; and American drummer James Welch.

Miriodor at Progday 2013
Miriodor at Progday 2013 – Photo by Angel Romero
I’ve had time to listen to Mavara‘s Forgotten Inside and most of it sounds like melodic rock with only the last two songs venturing into 1980s-style progressive rock, which some call neoprog. As far as the latest album, Season Of Salvation, the group continues in a melodic rock direction with harder guitars at times. ‘Mystery of the Universe’ is perhaps the only piece that truly ventures in the prog rock realm.

The second act on Saturday was renowned Canadian band Miriodor; which is normally described as a Rock In Opposition act. I was impressed by their balance of jazz, progressive rock and avant-garde classical and specially the interaction between Pascal Globensky’s keyboards and Bernard Falaise’s guitars. Festivalgoers Jason and Cat had difficulty describing Miriodor’s sound. Cat said it was “expressive.”

Miriodor played material from their new 2013 album titled Cobra Fakir, as well as fan favorites. Although Cobra Fakir doesn’t come out until September, Cuneiform Records had copies available at the festival. The new album features Bernard Falaise on guitars, stringed instruments; Pascal Globensky on keyboards, piano; Rémi Leclerc on drums, percussion, sampler.

Corima at Progday 2013
Corima at Progday 2013 – Photo by Angel Romero
Chris Lamka, who many will know from his progressive rock store called Of Sound Mind, was there with a wallet-busting selection of albums. His web site is not active anymore, but he still sells recordings from his home. He had some hard to get imports, including the Italian version of Le Porte del Domani by one of the finest progressive rock acts of the moment, La Maschera di Cera. The album is truly excellent. I listened to it on the way home. La Maschera di Cera has captured the essence of the 1970s classic Italian bands, especially Le Orme. If you are a fan of Italian progressive rock, you need to get this album.

Next came one of the leading Zeuhl bands in North America, Corima. The audience was in for a wild ride. Zeuhl is the French progressive genre that was led by Magma, Weidorje and others. Corima has certainly captured the spirit of Zeuhl music. Their music has great intensity, based around a vibrant rhythm section and the very passionate improvisations and interactions between the saxophone, violin and piano/keyboards. Occasionally, the band drifted into tranquil moments of beauty with beautiful violin and piano neoclassical passages.

Frank Wyatt (Oblivion Sun, Happy the Man) - Photo by Angel Romero
Frank Wyatt (Oblivion Sun, Happy the Man) – Photo by Angel Romero
The band was started when two musicians from the border area of Ciudad Juarez/El Paso, Francisco Casanova (piano) and Sergio Sánchez (drums) relocated to Los Angeles and hooked up with bassist Ryan Kamiyamazaki and saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi. Violinist Andrea Calderón later joined the band. The group’s self-titled debut full length album came out in late 2007. Quetzalcoatl was released in 2012.

Before their concerts, I had the opportunity to talk to keyboardist and sax player Frank Wyatt. He’s one of the brains behind legendary group Happy the Man and the more recent reincarnation Oblivion Sun. Frank mentioned that he had suffered serious health issues and was happy to be at Progday ready to perform. I asked him if there was a chance of a Happy the Man reunion. He said that it was unlikely because keyboardist Kit Watkins is very disconnected from the music scene, sold most of his keyboards and is involved in organic farming [editor’s note: Watkins has not released any new material since 2006].

Stanley Whitaker (Oblivion Sun, Happy the Man) - Photo by Angel Romero
Stanley Whitaker (Oblivion Sun, Happy the Man) – Photo by Angel Romero
Frank Wyatt also confirmed that Oblivion Sun’s members all have day jobs and unfortunately can’t dedicate all their time to music. Nevertheless, Frank said that they are making an effort to release more recordings and are working on a new album. Frank also indicated that he is open to collaborating on other artist’s recordings, even if it’s long distance collaboration.

I made a pretty interesting discovery while visiting the Oblivion Sun table. They had Happy the Man and Oblivion Sun CDs for sale, but there was also an album titled Pedal Giant Animals by Wyatt and Whitaker. I asked someone about the music style and was informed that it was a short-lived band created after Happy the Man, similar to Happy the Man and Oblivion Sun. I bought the album and indeed, it’s great stuff. If you like Happy the Man, you need this album in your collection.

Frank Wyatt and Stanley Whitaker are two of the greatest progressive rock musicians that have come out of the United States and there was a lot of anticipation about the Oblivion Sun. The group played pieces from the brand new Oblivion Sun album titled The High Places, as well as a few familiar and cherished classics from the Happy the Man era.

Oblivion Sun at Progday 2013
Oblivion Sun at Progday 2013 – Photo by Angel Romero
Oblivion Sun demonstrated that they are a world class symphonic progressive rock band. Most of what they played was state of the art prog rock, although there were a couple of pieces where the band drifted into generic harder rock and blues rock. Naturally, the progressive rock material was much stronger and captivating, and more appreciated by the audience.

In addition to Frank Wyatt and Stanley Whitaker, Oblivion Sun features two outstanding musicians, who provide formidable support. Bill Brasso is one of those fabulous drummers who deliver a rich palette of creative drumming. David Hughes is a skilled bassist who delivers superb bass lines and also provides engaging vocals that interact perfectly with Whitaker’s vocals.

At one point in the concert Stanley Whitaker confirmed that he had been seriously ill and has survived cancer. He also mentioned Frank Wyatt’s health problems. The musicians were very thankful to be on stage again. The audience in turn was truly honored to have the opportunity to see these great musicians back on stage. It was a genuinely memorable concert.

Progressive Rock Gift Guide

Syndone – La Bella è la Bestia (The Beauty is the Beast)
Progressive Rock Central brings you a gift guide for fans of progressive rock. We’ve found a boatload of new goodies, as well as some old favorites.

Current Progressive Rock Scene

For a taste of the current progressive rock scene, we feature here the albums that appear in the Best Progressive Rock Album of the Year reader’s poll at Progressive Rock Central:

Highlights this year include the double set Genesis Revisited II by Steve Hackett, the triple album and hardcover book Charles Darwin by XII Alfonso, English Electric Part One by Big Big Train, the critically acclaimed Viljans Oga by Anglagard, the outstanding La Bella è la Bestia (The Beauty is the Beast) by Italy’s Syndone, Echolyn by popular American prog band Echolyn, Senna by Mahogany Frog, Woodlands by Barrett Elmore, Crush of Night by IZZ, The Enid Live with The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Weather Systems by post rock band Anathema, Blueprint by Australia’s Sebastian Hardie, The Missing Fireflies by the legendary Italian band Locanda delle Fate, X by Dutch veterans Focus, the impressive Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble by Kotebel, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Chapter One by Hostsonaten, and The Next World by electric violin wizard Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius.

Anglagard – Viljans Oga
Other prog fan favorites this year include Momentum by the prolific Neal Morse, Skies Darken by Citizen Cain, Banks of Eden by The Flower Kings, Félicité Thösz by Magma, Thick as a Brick 2 by Ian Anderson, The Black Chord by Astra, Map Of The Past by It Bites, Invicta by symphonic rock masters The Enid, Trouble With Machines by the new sensation District 97, Underjordisk Tusmørke by Tusmørke (Norway), The Book Of Dreams by Mangala Vallis, Covered Mirror – Volume One: Smooth As Silk by Unitopia, Vittjar by Kaipa, O Arquiteto by Quaterna Requiem, March Of Ghosts by Gazpacho, Moments by Ioearth, The World is a Game by Mystery, The First Day by Karcius, AttosecondO by Alphataurus, Consequences by Peter Hammill, Alt by Van Der Graaf Generator, Made in Belgium by Aranis, One Eye On The Sunrise by Nine Stones Close, In a cold embrace by Battlestations, Animales Invisibles by former Galadriel guitarist Manoel Macia, and Out of the Beardspace III by Out of the Beardspace.

Books about Progressive Rock

We continue with books:

Rock Progressivo Italiano: An introduction to Italian Progressive Rock
Rocking the Classics: English Progressive Rock and the Counterculture
Beyond and Before: Progressive Rock since the 1960s
Progressive Rock Reconsidered
The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock
Prophets & Sages: 101 Great Progressive & Underground Rock Albums [Paperback]
Citizens of Hope and Glory: The Story of Progressive Rock
Progressive Rock Guitar (Book & CD) by Glenn Riley
Progressive Rock Drumming BK1+CD by Alfred
101 Songs To Discover From The Seventies by James Mccarraher
Mountains Come Out of the Sky: The Illustrated History of Prog Rock (Book) by Will Romano
Rock Progressivo Italiano: An introduction to Italian Progressive Rock by Andrea Parentin

Progressive Rock Gifts

Progressive Rock The Rest Is Silence… Mens T-shirt
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Progressive Rock DVDs

Electric Garden 2011: Live At The Progressive Rock Festival Starring Various
The Ultimate Progressive Rock
Progressive Rock: The Ultimate Collection
Progressive Rock Anthology
Progressive Rock / Rock Legends (John Wetton, Focus, Curved Air, Barclay James Harvest a.m.m.)
Ultimate Drum Lessons: Progressive Rock Starring Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, Chris Pennie and Gregg Bissonette

Yes related items


Yes: Close To The Edge by Chris Welch
Yes: Close To The Edge by Chris Welch
Music of Yes: Structure and Vision in Progressive Rock
Grumpy Old Rock Star
YesTales: An Unauthorized Biography of Rock’s Most Cosmic Band, in Limerick Form
The Extraordinary World Of Yes
Yesstories: Yes In Their Own Words
Yes: Perpetual Change


YES: Union Live
Yes: Classic Artists
Yes – Yesspeak (35th Anniversary)
Yes – Songs from Tsongas – 35th Anniversary Concert
Yes: The Directors Cut
Yes – Symphonic Live (DVD & CD)


Yes – In a Word: Yes
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Box Sets

Inside Yes Plus Friends and Family by Yes (2006)
In a Word: Yes (1969 – ) by Yes (2002)

Genesis related gifts


Genesis: Chapter and Verse
Bill Bruford The Autobiography
Turn It On Again: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and Genesis
Genesis: The Gabriel Era (Rock Retrospectives) by Bob Carruthers
Genesis: The Complete Guide to Their Music
Peter Gabriel: In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
Genesis: Inside & Out (1967-2000) by Robin Platts


Genesis – The Video Show
Genesis: When In Rome Live 2007
Genesis – The Video Show
Genesis: Live at Wembley Stadium Starring Genesis and Phil Collins
Genesis – Turning It On Again (40th Anniversary Edition) Starring Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, et al.
Genesis – Inside Genesis 1975-1980 Starring Genesis
Genesis: Up Close & Personal

DVD/CD Box Set

Genesis Live 1973-2007 (8 CD/3 DVD) [Box set]


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Pink Floyd related goodies


Comfortably Numb: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd by Mark Blake
Pink Floyd The Music And The Mystery by Andy Mabbett
Comfortably Numb: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd by Mark Blake
Pink Floyd by Barry Miles
The Making of Pink Floyd: The Wall by Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters
Echoes: The Complete History of Pink Floyd by Glenn Povey
Mind Over Matter 4: The Images of Pink Floyd by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon
Pink Floyd (New Edition) by Marcus Hearn
Ultimate Guitar Play-Along Pink Floyd Book/2CDs by Pink Floyd –
Tearing Down The Wall: The Contemporary Guide to Decoding Pink Floyd – The Wall One Brick at a Time by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff


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Pink Floyd: The Wall (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Starring Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves, James Laurenson, et al.
Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii (Director’s Cut) Starring David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason
Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here Starring Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason
Reflections and Echos
Whatever Happened To Pink Floyd?
Pink Floyd – Then And Now

Box Sets

The 16 CD Discovery Box Set by Pink Floyd
The Dark Side Of The Moon – Immersion Box Set by Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here – Immersion Box Set by Pink Floyd
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Pink Floyd: Another Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd – Box set

Emerson Lake and Palmer, including new reissues


Endless Enigma: A Musical Biography of Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Do You Wanna Play Some Magic?: Emerson, Lake and Palmer: In Concert 1970-1979 by Garry Freeman
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: The Show That Never Ends by George Forrester, Martyn Hanson and Frank Askew
Pictures of an Exhibitionist: From the Nice to Emerson Lake and Palmer – The True Story of the Man Who Changed the Sound of Rock by Keith Emerson


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Emerson Lake & Palmer – 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert
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Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Beyond the Beginning
Emerson Lake & Palmer – Live at Montreux
Masters from the Vaults – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
ELP Emerson Lake & Palmer – The Definite Critical Review (Double-DVD Video)

Box Sets

From the Beginning
A Time and A Place
Pictures At An Exhibition (Special Edition)
Manticore Vaults 1
Manticore Vaults 2
The Manticore Vaults, Vol. 3
Original Bootleg Series From Manticore Vaults 4
Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Gentle Giant


Gentle Giant – I Lost My Head: Chrysalis Years 1975 – 1980
Gentle Giant: Acquiring The Taste by Paul Stump


Gentle Giant – GG at the GG: Sight and Sound in Concert
Giant on the Box: Deluxe Edition: DVD/CD

Box Sets

I Lost My Head: Chrysalis Years 1975 – 1980 by Gentle Giant
Under Construction by Gentle Giant
Scraping the Barrel by Gentle Giant
Three Friends by Gentle Giant
Interview in Concert by Gentle Giant

King Crimson (including the 15 CD or so Lark’s Tongue …)


King Crimson A Discography by Brendan James
Bill Bruford The Autobiography by Bill Bruford
When In Doubt, Roll! by Bill Bruford


King Crimson – T-shirts 1, T-shirts 2 , and T-shirts 3
Earthbound LP Rock Clock
King Crimson Poster Band Shot The Power to Believe
In the Wake of Poseidon LP Rock Clock
King Crimson Band Member 8″x10″ Color Concert Photo
Photo Mug of King Crimson. Photographed 1974, from Granger Art on Demand


21st Century Guide to King Crimson 1: 1969-1974
King Crimson: Live in Argentina
King Crimson: Eyes Wide Open
Bill Bruford: Bruford & the Beat
King Crimson : Live in Japan

Box Sets

In The Wake Of Poseidon: 40Th Anniversary – CD+DVD
Lizard (CD + DVD Audio) – Extra tracks
Red – CD+DVD 30th Anniversary Edition
In The Court of The Crimson King (5CD+1DVD)
Lark’s Tongues in Aspic
21st Century Guide to King Crimson 1: 1969-1974
21st Century Guide to King Crimson 2: 1981-2003
The Condensed 21st Century Guide to King Crimson: 1969-2003 by King Crimson

Camel box set

Rainbows End: A Camel Anthology 1973-1985, includes live tracks

Premiata Forneria Marconi


10 Anni Live 1971 – 1981 by PFM
Premiata Forneria Marconi by Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn

Box Sets

10 Anni Live 1971 – 1981 by PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi)



Caravan: The Anthology

Box Sets

World Is Yours by Caravan –
Caravan: The Ultimate Collection (3pc)

Steven Wilson


Steven Wilson – Grace For Drowning
Steven Wilson Computer Mousepad

Grace For Drowning (Limited Deluxe Edition Box Set)

Porcupine Tree: Arriving Somewhere




Subterranea: The Concert


The Wake 25th Anniversary Box Set



IZZ Live



Stars & Gardens