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Best Progressive Rock Guitarist Poll

Gibson guitar
Gibson guitar


Our November poll focuses on the best progressive rock guitarists of all time. Vote for your favorite guitarist(s) taking into account not only technique, but also innovation, style and originality. Multiple choices are available. The poll will run until the end of November and voting is allowed once a day.


Best Progressive Rock Keyboardist in 2014 Poll

Minimoog Voyager XL
Minimoog Voyager XL


Our new poll for October is Best Progressive Rock Keyboardist in 2014. This refers to keyboardists who are currently active rather than the semi-retired masters form the 1970s. The poll will run until the end of the month. Multiple selections are available.


Final Results for Best Progressive Rock Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll

Ficción - Desde La Ira De Dios
Ficción – Desde La Ira De Dios
The results of Progressive Rock Central’s Best Progressive Rock Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll are now available. Venezuelan progressive rock band Ficción won by a large margin, followed by legendary progressive rock acts Steve Hackett and Oblivion Sun.

We draw several conclusions from this poll. First, Ficción and its supporters organized a tremendous grassroots campaign by getting Venezuelan music fans as well as family and friends to vote for the band. Although some progressive rock fans may disagree with the final result, this is a readers’ poll, not a curated poll and a great marketing lesson on how to get more attention for a lesser known band.

Another conclusion is that dozens of progressive rock albums totally fly under the radar. While popular progressive rock bands like The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard and Transatlantic, as well as the ubiquitous prog metal, are heavily promoted; numerous progressive music albums get little or no promotion. We encourage progressive rock artists to send us their information, even if it’s just a press release or an email note.

Final Results:

Ficción – Desde La Ira De Dios (Ficcion Records) 67.58% (20,227 votes)

Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith (Inside Out) 5.01% (1,500 votes)

Oblivion Sun – The High Places (Prophase Music) 4.08% (1,221 votes)

Nemrud – Ritual (Musea Parallele) 2.88% (863 votes)

Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused to Sing and other stories (Kscope Music) 2.5% (748 votes)

Spock’s Beard – Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (Inside Out) 1.55% (465 votes)

Herd of Instinct – Conjure (Firepool Records) 1.35% (403 votes)

Solstice – Prophecy (Esoteric Antenna) 0.97% (289 votes)

The Windmill – The Continuation (Windmill Records) 0.93% (279 votes)

Flicker – How Much Are You Willing To Forget? (Flicker) 0.91% (273 votes)

Best Progressive Rock Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll

headphones-manProgressive Rock Central presents its annual Readers’ Poll for best Progressive Rock Album of the year.

Readers may vote multiple choices and voting is allowed once a day.

Results will be made public at the end of 2013.

Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll

Progressive Rock Central presents its 2012 Reader’s poll for Best Progressive Rock album. This year we have very strong contenders from North America, Europe and the British Isles with a mix of renowned veteran artists and newer acts representing the latest generations of progressive rock.

Please vote quality rather than name recognition. If you think that we have a left out a significant album, send us an email or write a comment.

Multiple choices are allowed.

Final results will be announced December 18th.

Editor’s note: This poll only features progressive rock acts. Sub-genres include: avant-garde, Canterbury, fusion, neo-prog, post-rock, progressive folk, psychedelic, Rock In Opposition (RIO), space rock, symphonic progressive rock, and Zeuhl.

Anathema’s latest album is included because the band has evolved and there is no metal anymore. It’s a highly evolved form of post-rock.

On the other hand, popular band Rush is not included because it is essentially a hard rock band. Rush released a couple of albums, A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres, that could legitimately be considered progressive rock, but the current direction of the band is fundamentally hard rock.

Lastly, check out our Progressive Rock Gift Guide. It includes links to sample and purchase the below albums and many other goodies.

Final Note: this poll is closed. For final results read this article: Best Progressive Rock Album of 2012 Poll Results