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  1. Hi; just to register my mild surprise that you haven’t listed the wonderful Sendelica album ‘The Satori In Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer’ as a contender for prog album of the year. You’re aware of them, surely – if not then do check them out at

  2. Hi this is Rod García, guitarrist from venezuelan band “Brotherhood” and i invite you to listening the first album of the band called “Hyperactive Mind”, is an instrumental band and their integrants are

    Rod García – Guitar
    John Jesus – Bass
    Ernesto García – Drums

    Special guest:
    Vicente Clemente – Keyboards

    the band is a experimental and progressive rock band, i hope you like it

    This is the link of the album

    If you like the album, We would be grateful they made one review of the album.

    Thank you very much. have a nice day!

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