Progressive Rock Bands Erytheia and Sweet Hole to Perform in Sevilla June 12th

Two progressive rock bands from southern Spain will be performing on Thursday, June 12th, 2012 at sala Malandar in Sevilla, Spain. Erytheia and Sweet Hole will be joined by Antonio Smash, a legendary figure in Andalusian rock.

Erytheia was formed in 2007 in the Cadiz Bay area. After 6 months of jams, the band starting composing its own pieces inspired by progressive rock, classical music, experimental sounds and Andalusian music. Band members include Pedro Desmartines on drums and percussion; Alfonso Lorenzo “Tooneken” on guitars, vocals, backing vocals, keyboards; Víctor Garrido on bass; Javier Rocamonde on keyboards and synthesizers; and Miguel Otero on electric, acoustic and slide guitars and mandolin. The group released the album An Old Monkey in 2011. It is available for download at

Sweet Hole is a progressive rock band from Sevilla. It was founded in 2004 by Miguel Durán (guitar), Carlos Durán (bass) and Eduardo López (drums). Later Javier Barrantes (keyboards, 2005-2009), Javier Carrasco (vocals) and David Alejo (keyboards, 2009-now) joined the band.

The band fell in shock with the death of their drummer, Edu López. At the time, they were recording the beginning of the album “Riddles of Mind”. David Carrasco, Javier’s brother, joined the band as drummer.

Tickets: 6 €
Concert begins after football (soccer) game
The venue, sala Malandar is located at Avenida Torneo 43, 41002 Seville, Spain.
954 370 188

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