Progressive Rock Multi-Instrumentalist Ben Craven Forms Live Trio

Ben Craven
Photo by Michelle Aziz
Over the past few months, Australian progressive rock maverick Ben Craven has been rehearsing with a three-piece band here at Desert Comb Studio, knocking together new arrangements of old and not-so-old songs. The first live performance of Ben Craven & The Section will be happening on Friday 30 November at The Tempo Hotel, 388 Brunswick St, Brisbane, Australia.

As you might imagine, I was fairly doubtful in the beginning that we’d be able to reproduce any of these songs without an army of backing musicians or backing tracks,” says Craven. “But through the gentle art of refining and distilling (and potion ingestion), I think we’ve managed to pull it off in a traditional power-trio configuration.”

Ben Craven released his critically acclaimed second album, Great & Terrible Potions last year.

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