The Massive Walls of Sound and Ambient Textures of Airbag

Airbag - The Greatest Show on Earth
Airbag – The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth (Karisma Records, 2013)

Norwegian progressive space rock band Airbag has found a winning formula that combines post rock walls of sound, Coldplay-style vocals, and deep early 1970s Pink Floyd influences.

The band’s latest album The Greatest Show on Earth presents a mix of vibrant guitar-led sections with atmospheric segments. Fans of David Gilmour’s bluesy guitar-style are in for a treat as the album is loaded with excellent guitar work deeply inspired by the influential British guitarist.

Although the entire album is great, highlights include ‘Silence Grows’ where the band manages to blend 1970s progressive rock with post rock seamlessly and the fabulous ‘Surveillance (Part 2-3)’ which builds up from ambient calm to an epic guitar-driven conclusion.

The lyrics center on the increasing feeling of alienation and distrust in society and the established authorities. “At the same time, we are manipulated and kept in a comfortable state of mind, believing we’re in control of our self-centered lives,” says the band in a press release.

The line-up on The Greatest Show on Earth includes Bjørn Riis on guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass; Asle Tostrup on vocals, keyboards, programming; Henrik Fossum on drums; Jørgen Hagen on programming, keyboards; and Anders Hovdan on bass.

Airbag’s previous albums include ‘Identity’ (2009) and ‘All Rights Removed’ (2011).

The album is available in several formats, including standard jewel case CD, limited edition vinyl replica style CD, Double vinyl with gatefold cover, Double vinyl with gatefold cover and limited edition white vinyl, and digital download.

The Greatest Show on Earth brings together the best of modern rock with the classic space rock sound of the 1970s.

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