Béla Bartok Through a Rock Prism

Dialeto – Bartók in Rock (Chromatic Music CMCD 001, 2017)

Brazilian band Dialeto has adapted well known classic pieces by Béla Bartok and has transformed them into progressive rock pieces. Bartok’s original pieces were inspired by Bulgarian rhythms and Romanian folk dances. Dialeto, from Sao Paulo, added complex, highly creative instrumental rock, heavy blues and improvisation.

This mix of progressive rock with folk-rooted traditions works really well. Bartók in Rock also features a high profile guest, violinist, David Cross (King Crimson) on one piece.

The lineup includes Nelson Coelho on guitar; Gabriel Costa on bass; and Fred Barley on drums plus David Cross on violin.

Bartók in Rock is a deeply intense and beautifully-arranged prog rock album inspired by Béla Bartok.

Buy the digital download version of Bartók in Rock or get the CD from dialeto.bandcamp.com

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