Riveting International Genetics

You Bred Raptors? – International Genetics (2017)

International Genetics is the instrumental rock album by New York band You Bred Raptors? The trio has an unconventional lineup featuring cello, 8-string bass and drums/glockenspiel.

You Bred Raptors? sound revolves around the excellent interplay between the bass and cello. The 8-string bass is a versatile instrument that sometimes sounds more like a guitar than a conventional bass.

International Genetics is a playful and attention-grabbing album where powerful rock beats support a mix of post rock, classical, prog rock and funk music influences.

You Bred Raptors? has participated in the Music Under New York program, a busking organization granted permission by the city of New York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to perform in the major subway systems that connect the 5 New York boroughs. You Bred Raptors? have played over 800 subway shows alone so far and toured the USA and Canada.

The lineup includes Peat Rains on 8-string bass; Bryan Wilson on cello; and KC Solaris glockenspiel and drums. Guests: Kristin Agee on additional glockenspiel and vibraphone; and Manuel Guevara on percussion.


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