Absorbing Cosmology

Kotebel – Cosmology

Kotebel – Cosmology (Musea, 2017)

Kotebel, the masters of symphonic rock are back with an album about the cosmos plus an assortment of other pieces. The Madrid-based band is known for its two talented keyboard players (father and daughter) along with outstanding guitar, bass and drum work. On cosmology there is also notable flute work performed by guest musician Omar Acosta.

Cosmology is an instrumental work, like other Kotebel albums, where classically-influenced progressive rock is combined with avant-garde music and other influences in the form of mini symphonies.

The lineup on the album includes Carlos Franco Vivas on drums, percussion; César García Forero on electric and acoustic guitars; Jaime Pascual Summers on bass; Adriana Plaza Engelke on piano, keyboards; and Carlos Plaza Vegas on keyboards. Special guest: Omar Acosta on flute.

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