The Knells II on the Leading-Edge of Progressive Music

The Knells – Knells II (Still Sound Records, 2017)

The Knells, the groundbreaking progressive rock ensemble from Brooklyn, New York is releasing The Knells II in November 2017. The Knells dazzled the progressive music community with its self-titled debut album and the talented musicians do it again with their second recording.

The Knells II moves forward with the unique mix of polyphonic vocal traditions drawing from western classical and Early Music and cutting edge progressive rock and psychedelia.

Composer and guitarist Andrew McKenna wrote all the music and lyrics. The Knells’ sound revolves around the interaction between the female vocalists and the fascinating multifaceted sounds of the guitars that deliver gliding and experimental sounds along with epic progressions.

In addition to drums, bass and keyboards, McKenna brought in an additional guitarist on slide guitar and lead guitar. The slide guitar provides a mesmerizing new element to the band’s sound.

The personnel on The Knells II includes many y familiar faces: Nina Berman, soprano; Charlotte Mundy, mezzo-soprano; Blythe Gaissert, contralto; Paul Orbell on slide and lead guitar; Andrew McKenna Lee on guitar; Jude Traxler on percussion, Rhodes, electronics; Jeff Gretz, drums; and Joseph Higgins on bass.



The album is available on CD, vinyl and digital from

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