Season of the Crow

Season of the Crow – Let It Fly

Season of the Crow – Let It Fly (Season of the Crow, 2018)

Season of the Crow is a rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Although they are described as a progressive rock and prog metal band, their music is definitely in the heavy metal camp.

Oddly enough, the first songs on the album are closer to hard rock than heavy metal. One of the highlights of the album is track 3, “Mine to Bleed,” another hard rocker where the band showcases the captivating vocals of Riki Carignan with great guitar, keyboard and vocal interplay.



Some of the best material is on track 4. It begins as heavy metal, but thankfully develops by the middle of the track into finely-crafted progressive rock with an acoustic guitar transition and notable keyboard work by Juha Merimaa, who provides the most satisfying progressive rock moments in the album. The heavy metal returns at the end so the pleasure doesn’t last very long.

Garden is a rock ballad with an excellent acoustic piano and guitar conclusion.

The rest of the album is dominated by heavy metal with excellent keyboard solos here and there.

The lineup includes Riki Carignan on vocals; Kapil Krishnamurthy on guitars; Juha Merimaa on keyboards; Mike LePond on bass guitars; Gavin Carignan on drums, percussion, and additional vocals.

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