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Nosound Releases “In Celebration of Life” Music Video


Nosound has a new video titled “In Celebration of Life.” The song appears on Nosound’s new studio recording, Scintilla and features Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh.

“”In Celebration of Life” was probably among the first tracks written for Scintilla, it was inspired by an artist and well known member of the fellow prog community, Alec Wildey,” says Nosound’s Giancarlo Erra. “Those who knew Alec know what happened and I’m not going to delve into details, but it really was a tragedy that shook everyone.”

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Anderson & Stolt Release ‘Know’ Video

Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson


Anderson/Stolt, the collaboration between Jon Anderson (Yes) and Roine Stolt (Kaipa, (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic), have released a new music video titled ‘Know’. The song appears in the duo’s acclaimed first album, ‘Invention of Knowledge‘ (InsideOut Music). The video was created by Jon’s daughter, photographer Deborah Anderson.


Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt - Invention of Knowledge
Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt – Invention of Knowledge


Jon Anderson recently picked up the Prog God award, presented to him by Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin of ARW at the Progressive Music Awards 2016 in London.


Swedish Progressive Rock Band Karmakanic Releases ‘Dot’ Teaser Video

Celebrated Swedish progressive rock band Karmakanic has announced the release of its 5th album titled ‘Dot.’ The album is scheduled for release on July 22nd, 2016.

Karmakanic was formed in 2002. The band returned in 2011 with the acclaimed recording ‘In a Perfect World.’

The current line-up includes Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings), Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen), Morgan Ågren (Casualties Of Cool, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai), Lalle Larsson (Agents Of Mercy), Nils Erikson, Krister Jonsson, Andy Bartosh and Ray Aichinger

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Rock Guitarist Andreas Šala Reveals Play-Through Video for New Song “Hue”

Andreas Šala
Andreas Šala

Croatian guitarist and composer Andreas Šala, who performs with bands Subscale, The Ralph and If And When We Die, has released a play-through video for the song “Hue” taken from his upcoming solo album Pleasure Dome.

Šala plays Wreck Guitars’ BlueMorpho 6 in the video. “I wanted to make a solo record for quite some time now but I just couldn’t decide in which direction I want to take it. But when I got my hands on the BlueMorpho melodies just started to pour out of me and I knew what I had to do. I felt like a kid again,” says Šala.

Pleasure Dome will be different from the albums Šala releases with Subscale and The Ralph in that is more ambient and minimalistic. “I wanted to do something a bit different. For the past 5 years I was composing mostly metal for The Ralph so I wanted to take a step back. I’m a huge Joe Satriani fan (and 80’s/90’s instrumental music fan in general) and I always liked “bigger than life” melodies so it seemed like a logical step to make a guitar driven instrumental album.”

Trance Electronic Music duo Cosmic Gates Releases “am2pm” Video

Trance-style electronic music duo Cosmic Gates has released a cinematic, traveling video for “am2pm,” the first single from their mix compilation series Wake Your Mind Sessions 002 (Black Hole Recordings). The video was directed by Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic, featuring scenic shots of The Death Valley (California), Los Angeles (California), and The Grand Canyon (Arizona).

German producers Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems are behind Cosmic Gate, one of Germany’s most successful and lasting electronic acts. The duo has created some of electronic trance music’s iconic singles, including classics such as “Be Your Sound,” “Fire Wire,” and “Exploration of Space.”

Nad Sylvan Releases Album Trailer

Nad Sylvan - Photo by Heidi Sverin
Nad Sylvan – Photo by Heidi Sverin


American progressive rock vocalist Nad Sylvan has a new titled ‘Courting The Widow’ album scheduled for release on October 30th, 2015 in the US.
A trailer for the Nad Sylvan album is now available on video with samples of the album.



The full title track “Courting the Widow” is also available:



Full track-listing:

1.Carry Me Home
2.Courting The Widow
3.Echoes Of Ekwabet
4.To Turn The Other Side
5.Ship’s Cat
6.The Killing Of The Calm
7.Where The Martyr Carved His Name
8.Long Slow Crash Landing

Celebrated Guitarist David Gilmour Releases Rattle That Lock Animated Music Video

David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock
David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock


British rock guitarist David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) has released an animated video featuring his new single titled “Rattle That Lock.” The striking animation was created by Alasdair & Jock from Trunk Animation, a London-based production house. The creative director of Trunk Animation is Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis, the design studio that made some of the most iconic Pink Floyd album artwork.

Rattle That Lock is the first track to be released from David Gilmour’s new album, Rattle That Lock, scheduled for release worldwide on September 18 by Sony Music/Columbia.

I love animation when it does something that can’t be achieved any other way,” says David Gilmour. “The film Alasdair & Jock have made for Rattle That Lock highlights a darkness in the song that couldn’t have been shown any other way.”

The black and white, hand drawn animation illustrates various sides from John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, from which Rattle That Lock lyricist Polly Samson drew her inspiration. The poem itself includes twelve books, concerning the Biblical story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

I think the animators have done a fine job: paying homage to Gustave Dore, bringing his illustrations for Paradise Lost alive, making a powerful visual for the song“, adds Polly Samson.

The largescale video required a team of 12 animators, artists and compositors, working continuously over three months to bring the narrative and many technical elements together. The Trunk team developed the narrative and took its main inspiration from the first three books of Milton’s poem, and utilized details from across all twelve volumes. Working with sound designer Barnaby Templer and his team at Fonic, the film was brought to life with layered foley and sound effects, which were then delicately mixed with the Rattle That Lock track.

The film follows the fall of Satan from the kingdom of Heaven and his ensuing journey through Pandemonium, Purgatory and Chaos on his way to pervert the virgin Earth. As the tale plays out, Satan takes on new forms as his character also progresses. Starting as the beautiful yet fearful Fallen Angel he is first re-born as a sinister, masterful Cormorant before finally transforming into a lithe Serpent that wreaks havoc on the Earth in a cloud of jealousy and rage.

The Enid Releases Wings Music video

The Enid in 2012
The Enid in 2012

Symphonic progressive rock maestros The Enid have released a new music video to celebrate the upcoming release of its new album titled the Bridge.

The video is a version of ‘Wings” shot live at Union Chapel in London on Tuesday March 31st, 2015 by EnidLive and Jeff Cousins.

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