Prog Band RPWL Releases “Unchain the Earth” Video

German progressive rock band RPWL have a new music video from their new album from Beyond Man and Time. The video is for the song “Unchain the Earth.” Beyond Man and Time is a concept album based on a musical voyage through the world outside of Plato’s cave. “Beyond Man And Time” will be released on 9th March, and on 13th March in the U.S.

RPWL is known for its combination of elaborate symphonic rock and soft rock songs. The current RPWL line-up includes Yogi Lang on vocals and keyboards; Kalle Wallner on guitars; Markus Jehle on Keyboards; Werner Taus on bass; and Marc Turiaux on drums.

The band will be touring Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain this spring to promote the new album.

Guitarist Peter Matuchniak to Release Uncover Me on ProgRock Records

Peter Matuchniak - Uncover Me
Progressive rock guitarist Peter Matuchniak has a new album titled “Uncover Me” that is set for release on ProgRock Records. The album is described as a wide musical experience through progressive, jazz, folk and rock. The two-part Landscape Burning suite features 15 minutes of music reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons.

Uncover Me offers acoustic music laced with flute as well as harder-edged rock tunes doused with saxophone. The underlying basis is Peter Matuchniak weaving his ethereal guitar sound into his compositions.

I’ve been fortunate to have some fantastic local musicians support me on this one: Jimmy Keegan (drummer for Spock’s Beard), Natalie Azerad (singer with Pink Floyd tribute W1P and live with Alan Parsons), Rick Meadows (bassist from Gekko Projekt), Ted Zahn (singer with WZMG), along with some fine sax and flute from classical/jazz musicians David Gilman and Conor Jonson,” said Peter Matuchniak. “Shawn Gordon offers a great place for music that falls in and around the progressive genre at “TheRecordLabel”, and I’m proud to have my debut album be a part of his label.”

Since I met and signed Peters band Evolve IV back in 2008, we’ve become good friends and I’m continually amazed by his talent and drive,” said said Shawn Gordon, president of ProgRock Records. “It’s a real pleasure to be able to work with him on this solo release.”

British guitarist Peter Matuchniak plays a progressive style of guitar influenced by Steve Hackett (Genesis), Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Andy Latimer (Camel) and Steve Howe (Yes).

His compositional style draws from the varied genres he was exposed to at home: jazz-rock, the latest radio hits, and parents who raised him on classical music. But the basic element is always progressive rock. Peter Matuchniak has played with a number of bands in this genre both in London where he grew up as well as in his adopted southern California home.

Recently he has released albums with Gekko Projekt and Evolve IV on the Prog Rock Records label. Back in the 1980’s Peter Matuchniak was part of the neo-progressive rock movement with Janysium and Mach One.

Hybrid Musical Stories and Fables

Luz de Riada - Cuentos y Fábulas
Luz de Riada

Cuentos y Fábulas (2011)

One of the leading bands in the Mexican progressive rock scene is Luz de Riada. They mix highly technical avant-garde rock with jazz, folk music and freeform improvisation. Their album Cuentos y Fábulas (Stories and Fables) is divided into two types of pieces. Cuentos (stories or tales) are structured compositions that feature guest musicians and a poet while the fábulas are short freeform sonic segments.

The imaginary stories in Cuentos y Fábulas describe modern life, mythical creatures and emotions expressed through the band’s hybrid sound. Luz de Riada’s sound is characterized by a potent King Crimsonesque rhythm section with various saxophones, guitar and stick performing solos and carrying out elaborate musical conversations. Although most of the pieces are instrumental, the album includes two pieces with unconventional lyrics and a spoken word poem.

Luz de Riada was formed in June 2010 when four self-taught musicians got together to develop and narrate musical stories. They choose the name Luz de Riada, which means flood of light to identify the generation of sound imagery. The current line-up includes Ramsés Luna on flute, sax, Wx5; Hugo Santos on grand stick, bass; Hugo Hernández on drums; and Alejandro Vergara on guitars.

Guests on the album include Wilfrido Terrazas on flute; Alejandro Otaola on guitar; Hugo Alfredo on surdo; Iván Tirado on surdo; Floriano Martin on vocals; Carlos Alegre on violin; Iván Bringas on guitar; Ernesto Mendoza on theremin; and Rodrigo Frenk on accordion.

Cuentos y Fábulas comes with innovative packaging, which includes several layers and a booklet with lyrics, photos, illustrations, a description of the music and credits.

Cuentos y Fábulas presents the uncategorizable sounds of some of Mexico’s most adventurous experimentalists.

Buy the album from

Swedish Prog Band Moon Safari Releases Live Album The Gettysburg Address

Moon Safari - The Gettysburg Address
Moon Safari, one of Europe’s leading progressive rock bands, has a new album titled The Gettysburg Address. The Gettysburg Address is Moon Safari’s fourth release. It is a two CD set recorded live during their epic performance at the Majestic Theatre in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at Rosfest 2011.

The Gettysburg Address includes some of Moon Safari’s most popular songs from all three studio albums.

Moon Safari is a symphonic progressive rock band from Skellefteå, Sweden. It was formed in 2003 and have three studio albums: A Doorway to Summer (2005), Blomljud (2008), and Lover’s End (2010).

The line-up includes Simon Åkesson on lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, Hammond organ, moog, mellotron, choir arrangements; Petter Sandström on lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica; Pontus Åkesson on guitars, backing vocals; Johan Westerlund on bass, backing vocals; and Tobias Lundgren on drums, percussion, backing vocals.

Album tracks

1 – CD1 – Moonwalk
2 – CD1 – Lover’s End – Part 1
3 – CD1 – A Kid Called Panic
4 – CD1 – Yasgurs Farm
5 – CD1 – The World’s Best Dreamers

6 – CD2 – Dance Across The Ocean
7 – CD2 – Heartland
8 – CD2 – New York City Summergirl
9 – CD2 – Other Half of the Sky

the album is available from

Ben Craven Remixes Two False Idols

Ben Craven - Two False Idols
Australian progressive rock multi-instrumentalist Ben Craven announced today the remastered reissue of his Two False Idols album “Some of you might know that in 2006 I released an album called Two False Idols under the name of Tunisia,” said Craven. “It started out life as a band project and went through a number of changes before being branded with a solo moniker.”

Two False Idols by Tunisia was a lavish production with an expansive sound and dense atmosphere. A version in 5.1 surround was released. “During the making of Great & Terrible Potions my sonic preferences changed,” adds Craven. “I wanted to revisit the first album to bring out all the parts more clearly in the mix. I also re-sequenced the track running order to improve the flow of the album.”

The new take on Two False Idols is now available under Ben Craven and remixed with the benefit of hindsight. You can listen to it in its entirety at Craven’s Bandcamp site (and even purchase it for as little as AUD $5).

British Prog Band It Bites to Release Concept Album Map of the Past

It Bites - Map of the Past
Following on from the highly-admired The Tall Ships, British progressive rock band It Bites returns with its first concept album in a career that extends over 25 years.

Map of the Past is inspired by the discovery of an old family picture. It is a deeply personal journey that delves into love, passion, jealousy, anger, remorse and loss through the eyes of a previous generation against the backdrop of Britain as it moves into a new century and one of the most significant periods of its history.

Written by vocalist and guitarist John Mitchell and keyboardist John Beck over the course of 2011, Map of the Past was recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading and features Bob Dalton on drums and Lee Pomeroy on bass.

Map of the Past will be released on March 26th, 2012. The band will be on tour to promote the album in the UK.

Track Listing:

Man In The Photograph
Map of the Past
The Big Machine
Cartoon Graveyard
Send No Flowers
Meadow and the Stream
The Last Escape
Exit Song

Tour of The Past May 2012

18 May: York, The Duchess

20 May: London, Bush Hall

24 May: Newcastle, The Cluny

25 May: Bury, The Met

26 May: Workington

27 May: Bilston, Robin2

Trance Mechanics

Secret Saucer - Tri-Angle Waves
Secret Saucer

Tri-Angle Waves (Salad Form Studio SFS003, 2009)

Tri-Angle Waves is the third album by American space rock collective Secret Saucer. Track 1, ‘Night Encounter’ is a totally electronic piece performed by four synthesists, Steve Hayes, Dave Hess, Greg Kozlowski and Dan Schnell. It’s a mesmerizing piece that combines ambient sounds with synthetic night sounds.

On ‘A Sublime Metaphor,’ the musicians begin the jam, with Ted Boburka on drums; Billy Spear on bass, Dan Schnell on synths, Jay Swanson on synths, Paul Williams on synths, and Greg Kozlowski on soaring ebow guitar. It’s a … dreamy laid back piece

Synths and sequencers provide the intro to ‘Protoplasmic Acelerator’ and transition to a harder trance style, with keyboard melodies, throbbing rhythm guitar and Paul Williams’ electric guitar solos a la steve Hillage.

Track 4, ‘Approaching Hunab Ku’ is another all synth spacey piece with three keyboardists, mixing pulsating sequences and floating ambient harmonies.

‘Light Years Away’ has a heavier blues beat with synthesizer and electric mandolin interplay.

The album ends with ‘Mind Mechanics’ with dueling guitars played by Steve Taylor and Greg Kozlowski.
Tri-Angle Waves is a superb album of exploratory space music that incorporates the best of progressive rock, mesmeric ambient electronics and psychedelia.

Progdreams Festival in The Netherlands in April 2012

The Enid
Progressive rock festival Progdreams will be held on April 14th, 2012, at Boerderij, Zoetermeer in The Netherlands. The line-up includes German band RPWL, the legendary British symphonic rock group The Enid, Norwegian space rock band Airbag and Belgian psychedelic/space rock band Quantum Fantay.

RPWL is currently promoting its new concept album called Beyond Man and Time. The line-up includes Yogi Lang on vocals and keyboards; Kalle Wallner on guitars; Markus Jehle on Keyboards; Werner Taus on bass; and Marc Turiaux on drums

The Enid is the legendary British progressive rock band founded by composer and keyboardist Robert John Godfrey, that is known for its rich symphonic music influences. Throughout the years the band has seen many line-up changes, always guided by Godfrey. The current line-up features Joe Payne on vocals; Jason Ducker on guitar; Robert John Godfrey on keyboards; Max Read on guitars, bass and vocals; original member Dave Storey on drums and percussion; and Nic Willes on bass, guitar and percussion. The most recent albums are Live with The CBSO at Symphony Hall and Journeys End (2012).

Airbag is a five-piece band from Oslo (Norway). They perform a mix of classic rock, progressive rock, chillout and jazz. Their music is influenced by Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Talk Talk, Radiohead and Marillion. Line-up: Anders Hovdan on bass; Asle Tostrup on vocals, guitar, percussion; Bjørn Riis on guitar, vocals; Henrik Fossum on drums; Jørgen Hagen on keyboards. Their latest album is All Rights Removed (2011).

Quantum Fantay makes a hybrid sound that incorporates space rock, goa trance music, fusion, and dub. The line-up includes Pete Mush on synthesizer; Jaro on bass; Dario Frodo on guitars; Gino Bartolini on drums; Charles Sla on flute.

Date: Saturday 14 April 2012
Location: Dommelsch room
Pay-desk open: 15:30
hour Commencement: 16:00 hour
Voorverkoop: € 28, – (excl. servicekst)
evening pay-desk: € 31, – (if available)

Video of the Week: Robert Rich “Alhambra” Live at Earth Frequency 2012

Robert Rich - Photo by Brian Tirpack
This week we present a live performance of renowned American synthesist Robert Rich at Earth Frequency festival in Australia. “Alhambra” was captured on February 19th, 2012

Rich is back in the United States and announced a possible USA concert trip in late Spring. He accepted an invitation to play at “Electric Forest” in northern Michigan, around June 30-31. Other possibilities include an unconfirmed concert in Nevada at an eclipse around May 21. Other smaller gigs in between might be added. “… so please contact me directly if you want to make something happen,” said Rich.

Robert Rich is one of the leading artists in the ambient and global electronica music scene. He has a new album titled Medicine Box.

A California native, Rich began experimenting with electronics at a young age. By the early 1980s he was recording and performing his own sustained sound environments and improvised music.

Soundscapes Concert Series to Present Synthesist Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins
The Soundscapes Concert Series returns to the Nazareth Center for the Arts on Friday, March 23, with Mark Jenkins of the UK.

A leading figure in the UK’s electronic music scene for over 20 years, Mark Jenkins has performed as a member of White Noise and with singer Arthur Brown and members of Can, Gong, Van Der Graaf Generator, and Tangerine Dream. He is the author of the acclaimed book and CD “Analog Synthesizers” and is the first musician in the world to release a CD created entirely on the Apple iPad.

Mark has created music for concert performances, advertising, TV and CD releases and has performed at the London Planetarium, London Royal Greenwich Observatory Planetarium, London South Bank, Carnegie Science Center Pittsburgh, National Theatre Brazil, and in France, Holland and China.

Doors open at 7:30 pm and the concert is at 8:00 pm. The concert is free. Donations are requested to support the musician and to enable the Nazareth Center for the Arts to pay operating expenses. The NCA is located at 30 Belvidere Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064 just off of Route 191 on the southwest corner of Belvidere Street and South Spruce Street. Check the NCA site for parking information.

The Soundscapes Concert Series is the concert companion to the Galactic Travels radio program on WDIY-FM and to Thought Radio on WMUH-FM and presents electronic music to the Lehigh Valley.

Future concerts:

Sunday, April 22: Wave World (Netherlands)
Friday, May 11: Broekhuis, Keller, and Schonwalder (Germany)

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