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Franky Valentyn’s Dream

The Franky Valentyn Project – All In A Dream

The Franky Valentyn Project – All In A Dream (The Franky Valentyn Project, 2015)

All In A Dream is an ambitious concept album with two distinct sets of tracks. The first two pieces are original symphonic rock instrumentals, deeply inspired by classical music, featuring lots of keyboards and orchestrations similar to Rick Wakeman’s earlier solo work. Franky Valentyn composed and arranged the music and plays the majority of the instruments featured here.

Tracks 3 through 6, on the other hand, sound like pop ballads, stylistically very different from the first two pieces.

Valentyn returns to symphonic rock mode on the final track, a long piece titled The Jovian Suite.

All In A Dream features several guests, including Ben Craven, Nikki Bennett and Michael Carr on vocals.

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Mario Millo to Perform Four Moments at The Sydney Blues & Roots Festival


Australian progressive rock guitarist and composer is set to perform this Sunday, October 30, 2016 at The Sydney Blues & Roots Festival.

Millo will play music from Four Moments (Polydor Records, 1975), the essential debut studio album by Australian progressive symphonic rock band Sebastian Hardie.

The lineup for this show includes Jeff Camilleri on bass and vocals; Mitch Farmer on drums; Gary Daley on keyboards; Mario’s daughter, Jess Millo on vocals; and Nick Latta on vocals.

3:00 pm
Windsor Function Centre
Macquarie St, Windsor NSW
Tickets at sydneybluesandrootsfestival1.oztix.com.au

United Progressive Fraternity Working on New Album ‘Planetary Overload’

Australian progressive rock group United Progressive Fraternity (UPF) is currently working on a new double album. The band’s philosophy goes beyond music, promoting awareness for the environment and social justice.

UPF band leader, Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack, (co-founder of the band Unitopia) describes this double set as ‘the most communicated album ever made’.

The ambitious project unites a team of international artists, including Steve Unruh (Samurai of Prog), with whom Mark is closely working with, writing music and arrangements.

Taking its name from the book by Epidemiologist Tony McMichael, the album is divided into two parts; ‘Planetary Overload’ (Loss) and ‘Songs of Hope’ (Hope) and centers on the problems we are already beginning to face on a troubled planet as it reaches ‘overload’ to the point of no return, and how we can reverse the point of catastrophe before it’s too late.

Contributing to arrangements and ideas are the full time UPF members Tony Schumacher, Matt Williams, David Hopgood and Tim Irrgang.

The writing process of Planetary Overload will introduce other producers such as Gordo Bennett, Colin Tench, Joanne St Claire, Ben Craven, Owen Lealan, Richard Chew and Dale Nougher.

Special guests on the album include Jerry Marotta, Steve Hackett, Nick Magnus, Hasse Froberg, and Phil Naro , just to name a few at this point who are collaborating with Truey to record this concept album.

Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen will appear as narrator throughout the album.

The album is scheduled for release in early 2018.

In 2014, UPF released its debut album ‘Fall In Love With The World’.

Professor McMichael sadly passed away just months before the birth of Planetary Overload; the album is dedicated to him.