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Avant-Garde Music Developed in Various Directions

Joseph Lamm & Music Hypnotica - Andean's Ascent
Joseph Lamm & Music Hypnotica – Andean’s Ascent

Joseph Lamm & Music Hypnotica – Andean’s Ascent (Jefferson House Communique, 2016)

Experimental album by a trio that combines sound collages, industrial rock, minimalism, trance and world music elements. It could work perfectly for an avant-garde installation although in this case, it’s the companion to the book Andean’s Ascent.

The lineup includes Elliott Lamm on acoustic, electric and slide guitars, piano, bass, soundscapes; David Price on keyboards, loops, bass, elixir and rhythm; and Joseph Lamm on vocals, percussion, and electromagnetic throat.

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Impeccable Avant Rock Artistry

Loomings - Everyday Mythology (AltrOck Productions Alt-048, 2015)
Loomings – Everyday Mythology (AltrOck Productions Alt-048, 2015)

Italian multi-instrumentalist Jacopo Costa takes the listener into a wild ride of avant-garde rock with unexpected twists and turns. The band’s sounds revolves around the multiple layers of vocal interplay, outstanding vibraphones and bass. You’ll find Rock in Opposition connections along with echoes of Frank Zappa, the zanier side of Canterbury, some Zeuhl and even occasional doowop.

Loomings was founded in Strasbourg (France) in 2012 by Jacopo Costa along with three classically-trained vocalists: Maria Denami, Ludmila Schwartzwalder and Benoît Rameau; bassist Louis Haessler; and percussionist Enrico Pedicone.

Everyday Mythology includes impeccable examples of avant-garde rock craftsmanship performed by a fascinating ensemble of talented vocalists and musicians.

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