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Dewa Budjana Releases Free Download Compilation ‘Postcard from Bali’

Dewa Budjana – Postcard from Bali

Indonesian guitar wizard Dewa Budjana has released a free sampler digital download album titled ‘Postcard from Bali.’ The album includes an impressive cast of guest musicians from the jazz, fusion and progressive rock world: Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Johnson, Antonio Sanchez, Joe Locke, Ben Williams, Tony Levin, Jack DeJohnette, Gary Husband, Peter Erskine, Dave Carpenter, Bob Mintzer, Larry Goldings and some of the finest Indonesian musicians: Shadu Rasjidi, Saat Syah, Indra Lesmana.

The album is available at dewabudjana.bandcamp.com/album/postcard-from-bali-free-download

Impeccable Dewa Budjana

Dewa Budjana – Zentuary (Favored Nations, 2016)

Zentuary is a double album by guitar wizard Dewa Budjana. If you are into jazz-rock fusion you are probably with his name. Budjana has by now clearly demonstrated that he’s one of the finest guitarists in the progressive music field. In recent years he’s released a series of outstanding albums where appears accompanied by some of the best instrumentalists in the jazz, progressive rock and jazz-rock genres.

On Zentuary, Budjana continues to impress with his collaborations with the cream of progressive music. What makes Dewa Budjana one of the essential guitarists to watch is the fact that he’s a guitar master, a talented composer and an innovator, who has successfully fused the traditional sounds of Bali and other parts of Indonesia with state of the art jazz-rock.

The two discs present Budajana at his best, delivering scorching fusion pieces, laid back moments, spectacular and memorable guitar solos, wonderful interplay with his musical colleagues, and mesmerizing world music elements.

The lineup on Zentuary includes Dewa Budjana on guitars and soundscapes; Tony Levin (King Crimson) on electric upright NS Design bass and Chapman Stick; Gary Husband on drums, keyboards and acoustic piano; Jack Dejohnette on drums and acoustic piano; Danny Markovich (Marbin) on curved soprano saxophone; Tim Garland on tenor saxophone; Guthrie Govan delivers a guitar solo; Saat Syah on custom made Indonesian suling (flute); Ubiet on vocals; Risa Saraswati on vocals; and the Czech Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michaela Růžičková.

Dewa Budjana’s previous releases include “Dawai In Paradise“(2013); “Joged Kahyangan” (2013); “Surya Namaskar” (2014), and “Hasta Karma” (2015).

Zentuary is an impeccable example of expertly crafted progressive music rooted in jazz, rock and Indonesian music.

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